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LF 2 DPS for Static /Zyrnaxis PS4

Hey there,

tired of failing and waiting for an Invite into the Instance-Matching or do you simply want to run the higher dungeons?
Well, seems like youre searching for the same thing as we do.

We`re Celless, Divn and Eva - and we`re looking for 2 (exp) DPS to do all the fun stuff as a static.
Our Classes: Archer, Lancer and Priest.

What we offer to you:

- Know-How in Dungeons (almost in every Dungeon)
- EXP since Sneek & Peak on PC (2 of us)
- Patience for new stuff/ learning process/ w/e
- Guild (even if its a bit useless right now)
- Quite a good sense of humor
- We`re always willing to help (as long as you are willing to progress)

What we`re looking for:

- Player with Headset + Voice
- Talking in English, since we`re 2 Germans and 1 French
- The ability to say more then "Hi"
- willing to progress in Dungeons and Class-Gameplay
- a sense of humor
- be friendly (no need to be shy)
- 20+ age
- Staying power at new stuff

We`re not super Pro - but we still do have some experience which helps a lot.
We`re looking for 2 of you out there who might also have some exp or are at least willing to progress on the End Content.

Since we also have Jobs and a real life our Online-/Play-Shedule is:
Monday - Thursday: 20:00h (8pm) - 00:00h/ 01:00h (Midnight/ 1am)
Friday + Weekend depends : )

Sooo if you think you might be one of those guys we`re looking for - let us know!

Best regards,



  • MaryJeynMaryJeyn
    edited April 2018
    PS: sorry for bad english grammar-skills >__< /shy
  • DiVnDiVn ✭✭
    edited May 2018
    We`re still looking for 1 DPS (Sorc/ Slayer/ Warr) to head for upcoming Hard Modes.
    (Our Item-Lvl is 420+)
  • what are you looking for class wise
  • MeningitisMeningitis ✭✭✭✭
    edited June 2018
    nevermind oops
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