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Envy ( PS4 NA Thulsa)

PS4 NA Thulsa

Envy is now recruiting new members. We are a fast growing serious end game guild. The guild is ran by PC Tera Vets and was one of the first guilds on the Server. We are running 410 and 417 content as a guild. The main guild is open to only 65s, no gear score requirements. The second guild Envy Il is open to levels 20-60 and is a leveling/alt guild. Once you hit 65 you will get a guaranteed spot in the main guild.

We are looking for all types of members, but we are a very serious guild and plan to be first on server to finish most new end game content.

Our Guild is primarily Male 20-40 years old with the Guilds most active times being between 6am-12pm PST and 7pm and 11pm PST

We are also proud allies with E M P Y R E A N

(Exceptions can be made after talking with a GM)

For all other question Message a Guild Master on Playstation



  • Lets keep Envy on top of the leader board!! BUMP for an awesome Guild
  • member on Envy as well just trying into everyone on Discord. can someone shoot me a msg on there or tell me the info on it.
    XTymbrX on PSN
    XtymbrX on Discordor
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