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Server Status Page??



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    Like Dressing room for example also :p
  • Would have been nice to have a server status page last night. Keep getting disconnected but since I had just installed a new modem from my ISP yesterday, I was thinking it was the modem being flaky when it was the servers crapping out. Found this site which showed other people reporting issues.
  • Bookmark this for NA Tera server status.


    Courtesy of our very own @Milice <3

    I'm glad it is of use !
    Sateva wrote: »
    Console players would probably like a status page they can check as well.

    There is https://checkthestatus.net/tera/ but it is inaccurate. Says online 24mins ago now, however servers are infact down.

    I know I would if I was a console player. :C I also liked playing the spaceship game when TERA was down LMAO

    If anyone have any information as to how the serverlist is fetched on the console version, i could make it happen!
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    Complete fail by NA EME. Thanks for taking server status page away. You have given the community ammunition to blame you for taking this away.

    EME - I can solve your challenges... but, you can't afford me either.

    Everyone else: don't bother flaming me... if you are lucky, I will log back on in the next 30 days.
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