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Mystic Totem may be currently bugged

edited April 2018 in TERA PC - Bug Report
The new warding totem received a buff that and I quote here: "While in effect, recovers additional 30,000 HP when hit by Titanic favor or Boomerang Pulse.

Well here is a gif of me testing these changes: https://gfycat.com/EasygoingShamelessIndianringneckparakeet

Let me break it down my friend enters the totem area and gets healed from 1 to 13126.
Then jumps to 21826 i'm assuming from natural health regen or a totem heal that didn't show.
Then i use titanic favor and crit heal for 44,157 and she also gets healed again by the totem for 13125 again.
This adds up to 79108 and in the gif she has 81033 so more natural hp regen.
BUT there is no sight of this "30,000" extra healing from the totem buff if there was she should be around 109108.

TL:DR totem's new buff that grants extra healing isn't working.

Edit: the totem says it heals for an extra 30k but the skills says 15k. Not a bug, just an error is description. I assumed at the time the extra heal I missed was from the totem and natural regen.


  • Also to add to the list , same as EU... the glyph : long shot mana charge isnt working, the range is still the same with or without it.

    (on ktera you clearly see the healing circle being way bigger)
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