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Too Many Tanks



  • Good tanks will always be in high demands, i'v done Kaprima and Lillith on my new sorc 5 times each now and all 10 of those runs had a tank that couldn't hold aggro or spent more time eating dirt then tanking.
  • TLXTLX ✭✭
    The fact is,that in Saravash server are more dps and healers than tanks, so this post is useless.
  • oEASYLIFEo wrote: »
    There's also another reason, they can* SOLO the likes of Lilith (console footage below):

    *-about 2% or 1% of brawlers on console.
  • Think its more no healing for low lvl that why you get match whit others tank. As a dps berserker can take 20 to 60 min when i Q
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