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Please Fix Heals

CS heals are now 10k!! The heal nerf on focus heal was hardly needed for priest especially since even with crit it could never one shot heal! Plus you nerf it and don’t allow two of the main healing skills that make up for that nerf. Heals can’t even keep up with the damage being put out at all. This definitely needs to be addressed....


  • 6R1MM01R36R1MM01R3 ✭✭✭
    The heal nerf on some skills is due to awakening, since healers get some extra healing skills, so to balance them out i think. Not a random skill nerf by another reason.
  • The heals feel normal to me. I stopped playing a few year back when i would heal 30-40k. came back to healing 100-120k, and now its back down again. I dont see whats so bad about it.
  • RasseiRassei ✭✭
    edited April 2018
    It was a much needed change, healers have been way too potent for too long. Now it requires a little more thought when healing. I like the new changes to healing.
  • Maleficent94Maleficent94 ✭✭✭
    edited April 2018
    I’m not sure if you guys are trolling or just ignoring the fact that I mentioned cs??????
    @6R1MM01R3 and that’s perfectly fine when we can use our awakened skills to make up for that nerf. However, you cannot use awakened heals in CS thus its a huge nerf.
    @SilverPhantom I’ve never seen a focus heal from any healer no matter how geared get up to 120k....
    @Rassei you’re right. In terms of PVE. In Battlegrounds, which I try to do when I’m tired of spamming dgs it’s impossible to keep up with the damage output without the new healing skills. Even if they only allowed holy burst that would be a help. Especially if you get a bad comp and you’re only priest.

    TDLR:; The nerf is a huge nerf in Battlegrounds. 9k lock ons on players with 100k+ hp makes no sense. Not to mention healing circle cd increased AND healing immersion is the buggiest heal Tera has to offer.
  • Uy thats mean priest will be kicked on corsair and fwc till awaken be allowed , rip poor priest one buff and no more .
  • I was critting for 150k heals with tatanic wrath. I legitimately was one hit healing my entire party...
  • > @SolarPhantom said:
    > I was critting for 150k heals with tatanic wrath. I legitimately was one hit healing my entire party...

    I’d need screenshots friend cause I’ve never. Unless you popped nostrums with food buffs and are a mystic. Mystics out heal priests if you haven’t noticed. At least they did, with awakening it seemed to even out only mystics still have majority of their heals in cs while priest is without two major healing skills.
  • PartyblastPartyblast ✭✭✭✭
    Healing has always been weak in CS due to the equalized gear being crap, you were most likely not healing your party for 150k INSIDE CS, I believe it outside however since titanic was broken before Awakening.

    The heal nerf alongside the poorly stated equalized gear in CS just kills off anything a priest can do, add on the fact they can't mana charge anymore if they're awakened since all awakening skills are disabled.

    But we all know BHS doesn't care about PvP so, meh.
  • RasseiRassei ✭✭
    edited April 2018
    Yeah I should have clarified in pvp. I dont have enough experience in pvp to give any input.
  • EU was complaining about the plethora of issues with Priest/Mystic in battlegrounds for the week leading up to this update coming here. I already expected threads about it but I'm surprised it took so long.

    As it stands, Priest particularly, is in a pretty poor state in BG's right now. Not being able to use awakening skills is one thing but awakening changes mana charge, which thus removes it from BG's, making for terrible mana issues in extended fights.

    Although as far as I'm aware this hasn't been changed in KTera, unless I missed a patch note somewhere, so best case scenario, you might see a change in around 6 months, worst case, never.
  • Maleficent94Maleficent94 ✭✭✭
    edited April 2018
    @LagIncarnate Although as far as I'm aware this hasn't been changed in KTera, unless I missed a patch note somewhere, so best case scenario, you might see a change in around 6 months, worst case, never.

    That’s the scary part. I feel like they’re taking away our options in game. Guess now it’s just that time to do DGs and afk or w/e
  • ToxicDemiseToxicDemise ✭✭
    edited April 2018
    I was critting for 150k heals with tatanic wrath. I legitimately was one hit healing my entire party...

    That's a damn lie! Until you have screenshots I don't believe that for a second. I am a mystic healer and I've never seen any healing output come close to that number. Not even from a priest! Stop trolling..
  • BadboibunnehBadboibunneh ✭✭
    edited April 2018
    i didn't think it would be so bad, but i guess it is which is upsetting seeing as i just went back to tera but on the console so we have yet to experience the nerf to healing. i play a priest an was looking forward to running CS again, hell FWC finally started to pop tonight for the first time on PS4 NA but it ended quickly after a few hours of running because everyone runs kumas. -_-

    now that i've read this tho i feel like the class i actually enjoy and know on tera will become useless in battlegrounds when awakening comes to PS4, rip being able to withstand a warrior kd chain long enough for someone to get them off me or 3 people attacking me.
  • ToxicDemiseToxicDemise ✭✭
    edited April 2018
    I think most of you that are commenting did not even read the original post. Most of which probably only PVE and haven't stepped foot in PVP and probably have never healed in this game before. Let me help you understand...

    1.) Awakened skills are not usable in any battleground.

    2.) Priests, and Mystics received a 40/50% healing reduction on their main target heal, and a 20% healing reduction on their second primary heal with little to compensate for the loss.

    3.) With health pools of players ranging around 150k in corsairs it simply does not make SENSE why a primary healing skill should be as low as 9k for focus heal, and 16k for titanic favor.

    Speaking on behalf of Mystics we did not receive a healing buff from awakened skills. Instead we were given more damage output, and buffs. Yes there was a small increase in healing output with our current warding totem skill but it does not come close to compensate for the 40k loss in healing on our titanic favor and a 20-30k loss in healing on our boomerang. Mystics have three healing skills two of which have received a HUGE nerf (not considering motes). I am aware priests are pretty much in the same boat, and I feel their pain..

    Every healer I've spoken to since the awakened patch released have all expressed their concerns about how awful healing is in PVP, especially with equalized gear in corsairs. I've seen nothing but healers complaining in every game of corsairs I've been in.. I use to be able to queue right back into a battleground right after finishing one but now there is a few minute delay between queues and it's not to far fetched to believe it's as a result of less healers queuing. Which I would assume will only get worse if this problem is ignored which more than likely will be considered we're speaking about bluehole. Who has never given any thought or care in a the world to battlegrounds and the PVP content in this game. Increasingly over the last year we've seen how little they care..
  • ZingoPingoZingoPingo ✭✭✭
    edited April 2018
    Jeesh, you guys posted in multiple spots on the forums. I personally think the nerf was warranted, healers were a tad strong this last patch. Sure CS they feel a little underwhelming, but so does everyone. CDs are higher and people have way less hp. Make sure to use all your heals and not just focus heal. Arise, Immersion resets, Regen Circle, Cleanse, Kaia's, 4x priest pull, boomerang heal, warding totem, mystics have like 5x debuffs. Think about what else you can do to save your team beyond just "focus heal".
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