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Lmao like really?

Cs focus heals 9k? With players running around with 150k + hp? Math must be very hard for devs.


  • They done goofed and nerfed all the healers.
  • ToxicDemiseToxicDemise ✭✭
    edited April 2018
    It's literally a joke what they've done to healers. I am astonished that they think it's okay that us healers should spam 10 heals to get someone to max life while they are receiving damage from other players. I am tickling their health with my heals.. it's rather sad. As a mystic my titanic favor currently hits 16k down 50% from what it use to be. I understand it's more than 9k (priests focus heal) but we only have 3 legitimate healing skills two of which took a serious hit. Totem received a small buff but in pvp it's practically worthless as it can be broken in 1-2 hits so it barely compensates for the healing loss. Awakened skills are not usable so it makes this even worse for us healers. Not that any healing improved with mystics awakened skills anyway..

    YAY AWAKENED IS HERE .. EVERY DAMAGE CLASS RECEIVES A BUFF AND IMPROVEMENT.. Oh but BTW.. Here's a nerf hammer healers! Btw mystics you're meant to DPS not HEAL.. NO HEALING buff for you but here lets give you higher damaging skills! SMDH

    So what game to go to next?!? Hmm...
  • I kind of like it. Not a healer btw but I benefit from being healed, so there's that
  • It makes combat more tactical now. CCs and planning actually matters because you can't just face roll into the enemy 100% of the time if you have more healers.
  • it’s dumb honestly I don’t get how dps can see it as a positive thing. Cs is already hard even before nerf why make it worse for heals?
  • As a Mystic in CS your heals do NOTHING you can do damage though and go positive easy enough, but as a healer well have fun being blamed in 50% of games since you can't really save anyone when your heals heal for that of a basic attack >.>
  • ToxicDemiseToxicDemise ✭✭
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    Of course any dps would say that. More fun for you at the expense of healers feeling useless in battlegrounds. I agree it makes it easier for DPS to curb stomp their opponent. The damage output in these battlegrounds with EQ is way to high and considering some people can hit as high as 80-90k with EQ gear is pretty much a damn joke. The damage output to healing output is way off balanced and everyone can see that. It was a mistake to nerf healing by 50% and not touch damage at all. To heal a 50-90k crit it would take me around 5-7 target heals. Imagine this.. I got hit the other day for 10k 48k 54k all back to back within seconds I was almost at full life. I was dead in seconds and it felt as if it was a one shot but reading back in the combat log it was three consecutive hits back to back incredibly fast that it felt as tho it was a one shot kill. I've also been nailed by 80-90k crits. WHY? Why is this okay?

    Enmasse continues to ignore this subject though, and has made no effort to even listen at all. As far as I know these many complaints have fallen on def ears since we've received no feedback from them addressing the issue. Sitting here talking about it is just a waste of time. I've been in this game before release and it's turned into a real joke. It has so much potential but sadly Enmasse and BH are holding it back from it's true potential. So many poor decisions have been made and it feels like they are being made from people who have no clue or experience in the game.
  • The recent update now makes focus heal delayed. So if DPS are low asf, be ready to have a lot of delayed tickle heals
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