HEALERS in Corsairs

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I am actually quite shocked that a thread hasn't been started yet to address the serious issue with healing in Corsairs. I see healers complaining about it in game and I've spoken to handfuls of healers who refuse to queue into Corsairs anymore. I feel like I woke up in a bad dream or it's april fools and Enmasse is playing a crazy joke on us. The healing now with the current equalization gear is an absolute disaster. I was complaining about healing way back before this patch came out when I would only heal for 31k with my titanic favor (main target heal) on my mystic, BUT now.. holy hell.. 16k heals? That is a 50% drop from what it was before. With health pools of players around 150k how does this make ANY sense? The problem on top of this is that the damage classes in corsairs appear to have been buffed and the damage output is way beyond what it should be. The healing to damage comparison is insanely uneven. Not to mention the fact that we can't use awakened skills has made this even worse.. (not that mystics awakened skills really did much to help with the 50% healing reduction). All awakened has done for mystics is turned us into a hybrid DPS healing class. If i wanted more damage I would log onto a damn damage class and not heal at all. The point of being on a healer is to HEAL!

Can we please get a GM to log onto the game as a healer and go into Corsairs!!! Tell me there isn't something wrong? I am literally tickling my teammates health and I feel absolutely useless in Corsairs. I'd do better just standing around with my thumb up my [filtered]. This patch was supposed to be exciting for everyone but I feel like healers were duped and screwed over BIG TIME! At least for PVP! The way it looks for mystics in PVE is they've turned into mote/thrall spamming damage wh*res with less healing power. Thanks! I wish there was a way to revert this patch and go back to the way it was. I'll take that 31k heals in corsairs back with no complaint ever again.


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