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[MT PC] Guild Confidence Recruiting

guc_uVJ-ZgbHdj8vfLYbX-UOhCHchhFak1Uks-oQzNQRS-qoNFcj3l7YpyA6RN9qLCmY=s64 New Guild Confidence (Pve/Pvp) is recruiting ACTIVE members to join us! Confidence is a Guild planning to be one of the most active Guilds with a fun and friendly environment. The Guild is mostly made up of returning players and new players to Tera making its playerbase extremely diverse. You will find people just starting out in the game or veteran players able to clear Harrowhold/Rkem/Rmhm. Meaning we run all content, all day long with our 15-20 active members!

One reason you should join Confidence is our members are extremely willing to help out with anything. We have plenty of members that can provide great advice and help along the way, explaining how Tera works, the ins and outs picked up from experience. The main Goals of the Guild are Skill Development, Understanding Pve/Pvp content, Gear Progression, and MOST IMPORTANTLY enjoying the game.

If you're interested in joining type /apply Confidence Or pm/parcel Throws in game


  • ThrowsThrows
    edited May 2018
    Seeing as our guild is doing Great with an Active 25+ members daily, recruitment has been changed. We are currently accepting Frostmetal and above gear to allow new members to jump right into playing with our other members.

    Our goal of creating a fun friendly environment has transitioned most of our members from new or returning players to now be able to clear the harder dungeons like rknm/rkhm and we look forward to expanding our skill level to other content.

    We begun setting up a Guild HarrowHold raid and taking part in Civil Unrest/GvG as well as fun Guild Events to get away from the grind of tera. Pm Throws or send a parcel if you have any questions or interest in the guild.
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  • With the great success Confidence has had in recruitment 45+ members daily we are unfortunately Closing our Recruitment for now. However there is a small exception, we are still accepting at least 2 piece Stormcry tanks skilled in rknm/rrnm because one can never have enough tanks. Thank you for everyone who helped us recruit and all of my great guildies for joining us.
  • Confidence is opening recruitment again! As we have grown so have our recruitment requirements: You need atleast 1 piece of Sc now.
    That being said we also offer more to players interested in our guild, transitioning from a Mainly Pve Guild to a Pve/Pvp Guild.

    We have a network set in place to teach our members how to run all dungeons, even the harder ones (Rrhm/Rke/AA/HH raid)
    That is paired up with our weekly guild PvP practices which are broken down into 1on1/3v3/10v10 or random Openworld PvP
    Since pvp is so rewarding this patch the extra practice helps, none of which is mandatory just there to help our Guild grow stronger together.

    Confidence also takes pride in hosting Fun Guild events. This has been lost on tera due to the non-stop grind but we understand that this is a game and it is fun to get away from all that. Our events range from things like hide and seek/costume contest to 10v10s against other guilds.

    Pm or Pracel Throws if interested or /apply Confidence and I will get back to you.
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