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New Guild on Xbox One

(Smulch Server) Xbox One

Hey oh!
My name is Sladesinjustice the Guild leader of the New Guild Broken Fang. I wanted to make this topic to inform Xbox One Tera players that Broken Fang has Offically started looking for active and dedicated members to join our Guild! We welcome all that want to join our ranks from a player that is new to Tera or Veterans, all is welcomed to join Broken Fang! My goal is to form a strong and healthy guild strong willed and filled with wonderful members that is willing to help new members and overall make people feel welcomed and feel like a family!

What type of Guild are Broken Fang?
- Noob and Veteran friendly
- Endgame
- Respectfu and Helpful

What Server are we located in on Xbox One?
- Smulch

If you are intertested in joining Broken Fang please message Sladesinjustice on Xbox One or you can whisper my main character Yumikö :):+1:


  • I just downloaded the game last night and will be playing tonight when I get off work. I'm a total Noob never played before but I like the way it looks. Gt is kaotiksoul
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