Using Map and Minimap to View Different Floors of Interiors?

Hi All,

My question is so basic I can't find it explained anywhere. Is there a way to toggle between Floors of a Dungeon or other interior?

(Sometimes my quest objective does not show on the minimap so I assume it's on a different Floor...)

Thanks if you can help.


  • HaloistHaloist ✭✭✭
    There's no actual direct way to look at different floors/interiors since the map is weirdly interfaced, which is gonna make it very difficult to explain in words as well.
    You sometimes have to click on the clickable names on the map to zoom in to a particular area, and then look for the up/down blue arrows within that area to look between floors to try to find what you're looking for. There are some areas which have multiple interiors + floors which make it even more complex, requiring you to find the right floor on the first interior before you're able to look at the second interior.
    Only experience will teach you how to navigate the map properly so good luck.

    TL;DR: just experiment clicking on random stuff on the map and you'll eventually figure it out.
  • Thanks Haloist. I see now you can click on the blue up arrows and orange down arrows on your world map when you're inside an interior to see the different levels of that interior. You can just keep clicking till you see your objective on one of the floors - then look at the name of that level and go find it on your minimap.
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