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Does Tera really want people to play this game?

Between my class being left behind from awakening and now no reasonable way to get metamorphics with this latest patch I have to ask is Tera trying get people to stop playing?

I don’t know which idea is worse; not awakening all classes at the same time or eliminating the chance to get metas so you can’t upgrade gear?

If you don’t want to support Tera to focus on other things just shut it down rather than drive players away with stupid updates.

There are other games to play. We’ll be ok without Tera.


  • RasseiRassei ✭✭
    Yes, I'm totally sure they are going to shut down the Tera servers because a forum minority is disgruntled about a change in a patch, by that logic WoW would have died off over 10 years ago. I think people need to dial back a bit on the over dramatization about changes in patches. Give actual feedback about what you don't like and what you would like to see changed, saying things like "They want people to quit and don't want to support their game" isn't constructive at all.
  • I don’t like my class being left behind and not awakened and I don’t like the removal of metas because now i cant get enough metas (55,000 sc 6 to 7) through playing the game to attempt a low percentage chance to upgrade gear.

    If i can’t get meta to attempt to upgrade why bother playing?
  • Also, as with any business, if they can make a profit they’ll at least keep it running.
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    Lol so your mad because your class wasn't awakened first round? There are lots of things to complain about but Tera not catering to only your specific class interests isn't one of them.

    Btw it's been like this forever. Your classes 15 minutes will come around too.
  • Are you trying to say it’s not about me? Well that is just silly. Who else would it be about?
  • lmao is this really what you think will stop people from playing tera, there are way bigger issues than these that need to be fixed.
    first of all, they said that the rest of the classes will get their awakenings later (and they said this multiple times). i am happy that they released the awakening earlier, even if not all classes got their awakening yet. if they wanted to release awakening for all classes, it'd take them way longer time to develop, meaning we'd get the patch maybe 0.5-1 year later (this way they'd risk that people would stop playing the game already now, as no one wants to wait that long). maybe instead of whining over nothing, try a class that got awakened? try some variety, who knows maybe you'll love it.

    and secondly, yes it is a bit harder now to get metamorphic emblems, but to be honest - you never buy anything from the metamorphic emblem shop for enchanting your gear, because you get those materials all the time from dungeon runs and IOD bams (unless you buy a deathwrack design, and want to craft it. here some old materials that you can buy from the meta emblem shop can be useful, but really this is the only time you should be spending your meta emblems).

    have a nice day
  • Unless you play ninja you weren't left behind at all. Which isn't saying much, ninja can still output amazing dps, it just requires more gearing to do it. Hell, my dps main is Archer and I'm still able to keep up with awakened dps because of the focus changes and passive damage buff. And that's without having maxed out gear and a +8 bow.

    The Meta nerf is what it is. It made things a little slower, yeah, but it's not like there aren't ways of getting them. We survived prior to metas being added to vanguard's, it's not really a big deal.
  • True. My gunner DPS is through the roof with the buffs but it is still a big disappointment to not be included in awakened skiils.
  • StevenAnthonyStevenAnthony ✭✭✭✭
    unistall forums too , bye
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