[PC] Maintenance has completed, and servers are now open. Thank you for your patience!
Easter has come to TERA! Read all about it, and check this thread for information on where to find these eggs, and what you can get! http://bit.ly/2Dj6rJa

Up-coming changes and an Item removal during Maintenance : May 21st - May 31st

Starting Today :

We extended the Battleground Leaderboard Season to June 7th
Going forward, the Leaderboard Season for Battlegrounds ( as well as the up-coming Dungeon Leaderboards ) will reset during the deployment of any major content update.

During the Maintenance on May 24th :

A change will be made to Verdas Journals / Volumes so that they can be discarded.

Red Refuge Vanguard Requests will award TERA Reward Points appropriate to their star rating.
  • Red Refuge awards 60 TERA Reward Points
  • Red Refuge (Hard) awards 90 TERA Reward Points

During Maintenance on May 31st :
  • We will be removing removing the Dragon Riddle items, Journals, and Volumes.
  • We'll be adding Velik's Little Helper Buff to Red Refuge HM on May 31st.

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