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I know you guys at EME do the best you can with streams since spacecats is gone. But I think today's stream was a bit lacking.
Normally for the Loading Screen contest stream, we'd get to see all the entries, not only those who got honorable mentions/won. It feels sad to know people that spent their time working on their entries, didn't even get named or their piece showcased (cause I think is not only about those who win or those that draw wonderfully, but about showcasing creative people that love and play this game and go out of their way to create art about it)

It'd be nice now that the stream is over and the winners decided if you can, like in previous contests, at least upload a folder to Tera's facebook page so we can see everyone's entries.

Thanks in advance if you take the time to read this and make the folder.


  • CornishRexCornishRex ✭✭✭✭✭
    It's very important to acknowledge everyone that participated. Hell I've seen some great works that took hours to complete and the email bugged out and it didn't send! A damn shame that it was so lackluster.
  • AtreyiAtreyi ✭✭
    I do hope that a folder/gallery will be considered, so to showcase all art put forward to compete. Congratulations, of course, goes out to those that won and placed for honorable mention, but I agree that attention should be paid to all that put forth equal effort to promote TERA this anniversary and for future artwork/fanart events. The community of TERA has proved themselves to be incredibly talented, portraying unique styles of work from all servers. Unfortunately, we were not able to see the extent of that effort. Please acknowledge that and our artists as well, by allowing the player base to see all entries, so to pick their favorites and continue to be inspired by the game that we all love.
  • Honestly, it doesn't even feel like a celebration of TERA's 6th Anniversary like this... The anniversary loading screen contest was supposed to be a fun celebration, no? There are people who worked hours and maybe days on their submissions, but haven't even had their names called in stream(like spacecat's streams showing all the entries, in fact, most people expected something like this) or submissions seen by anyone so far. There are also people whose submissions didn't even get sent properly due to the issue with the email (which is such a pity for them honestly...) but that's another story...

    Yes, the winners were really skilled and did a wonderful job, they deserve their prizes/honorable mentions and the attention, but some artists who weren't considered good enough may also have worked really hard on their submission and it's kind of upsetting that no one can even see their effort. It is honestly sad and feels like only the winners deserved attention, rather than the Anniversary. If it is a celebration it should be treated as such. At this rate the whole contest will end up feeling like just a rushed unimportant event, and that would be really sad. I personally find TERA's art contests quite interesting and wish to see all submissions get the attention they deserve.

    A folder on the facebook page(like the gunner one for example) show casting all submissions would undoubtedly help. I perfectly understand that you guys at EME are really busy these days due to all the events and such, just saying that it would be nice.
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