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Botters in Tera



  • KillerPenguinsKillerPenguins ✭✭✭✭
    ovr wrote: »
    I logged in for the first time in a month today and was greeted with a welcome message that pushed emp sales down my throat and multiple gold selling bots that completely filled my chat window in about 2 minutes. I love this game but I can't take it seriously any more. :(

    don't worry, they'll also be shoving a keylogger down your throat in two days, which won't stop the bots but will lag your computer more ^.^
  • ovrovr ✭✭
    I also find it weird how eme didn't censor the above image, which displays the gold selling websites.. it would be funny if they were the ones selling the gold - it would explain a lot. LOL
  • voidy wrote: »
    Here's a fun thing you can do to them:
    1. equip a virulent crystal
    2. challenge one of these cucks to a duel
    3. they'll be spamming text so they'll say yes 90% of the time
    4. beat them at the duel, hope the virulent crystal procs to apply poison
    5. 1 hp and poisoned, they die seconds later
    6. tell others around you, who will undoubtedly ask how you did it, about this fun trick so they can spam him too

    These bots are mostly automated from what I can tell, but they get really angry when someone forces them to put a real person at a bot to decline duels and avoid duelists. It's funny as hell and gives them some well deserved grief. This won't stop the spam, but I hope it helps you anyway. Pic related, this happened the other day when a cool zerker repeatedly murdered a bot in town over the course of an hour until someone in China noticed and placed a 'supervisor' at the bot, who said the following after being murdered and laughed at by surrounding onlookers: unknown.png

    isn't there a skill for the mystic that does DOT? could that work too?
    @voidy maybe a better idea

    Invite him to a party with urf on as priest (probably accept because enter spam)

    Leash him into oblivion LOL
  • RKCRKC ✭✭✭
    I didnt even know you can bot in tera since its not a tab targeting MMO.
  • I think what will help is a set code that detects auto spamming of this nature, it isn't hard to implement

    Won't work because they'll just change the auto-spamming slightly so that it works again. They have watchers to make sure their message is getting through.

    This is one of my most-hated parts of all MMOs, honestly.

    ooh, i have an idea to stop spam like this.. GM's who actually play tera and log in to servers more than once a month!

    Surely you've seen how this works (or doesn't work) in other MMOs. It's pure whack-a-mole. The bots are scripted. There's the spammer, and the watcher. Kill the spammer, wait a bit, the watcher takes over, a new watcher appears. It's never ending. They're even using IoT botnets to get distributed IP addresses now so you can't just IP ban or even country ban.

    If only the solution were this simple.
  • RKC wrote: »
    I didnt even know you can bot in tera since its not a tab targeting MMO.

    LOL every mmo you ever play will have bots
    Why not disable the area chat around Velika and Highwatch? From what i saw they are focused through that chat in those areas. Also, i went to the bank of Velika and found the bot there next to spaming rofl... Actually, why not get a ban that is automated after say.. 100 players reports?
  • ovrovr ✭✭
    edited June 2018
  • ovrovr ✭✭
    edited June 2018
    Thanks to a nice priest for pulling it to an area where I could duel it, I was able to kill it. LOL

  • CatservantCatservant ✭✭✭✭
    New TERA achievement for the Prestige section: 100 gold seller bot kills.
  • Catservant wrote: »
    New TERA achievement for the Prestige section: 100 gold seller bot kills.

    *goes out to kill bots*
    edited June 2018
    Make Velika a dueling ground :d
  • RKCRKC ✭✭✭
    why not kill the spammer if you see it :/
  • I found one but seems they made the spam be about 8-10 messages per 1-2 hours o:
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