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XIGNCODE with next patch? Hello EME announce atleast that we are installing malware with this game!!



  • CassandraTRCassandraTR ✭✭✭✭✭
    Well at least we know that there are 3 things for certain as a result of this implementation:

    1) Users of the [redacted] program won't be affected by this. DPS meter users also won't likely be affected by this as it will just take a few hours longer to update it. How do I know this? There are already fixes.

    2) Regular users who don't use anything will leave the game because of paranoia, and because of EME's constant inability to show any semblance of transparency or sense of care for their playerbase. In fact, many regular users will be pushed to use the [redacted] because of this. So the intended effect of 'anti-cheat' will not be achieved.

    3) Most importantly everyone knows what I've known for a long time, equitas and elinusagi are total r/iamverysmart material and should always be ignored.
  • ElinUsagi wrote: »
    I cant understand yankees :P
    Seriously, there is ppl in favor to install this shi* EVEN KNOWING THAT IS ALREADY FUC**D BY CHEATERS?
    So, it is basically USELESS.

    I think everyone agree about Xingcode won't serve the purpose its suposed to fullfill.

    Here we are arguing about people overreacting and spiting lies about what does and what not that tool, and how much stress mean for hardware.

    The hardware part is easy to show proof about how will not damage your hardware and if you worry if a potato pc will have performance issues, well, you already have performance issues so I doubt you will ever find how much performance you are losing because of Xingcode anyway.

    I have seen windows 10 process burn 100% disc usage on SSD and 100% CPU usage also, without nothing else installed. I have seen how many people have to tweak it and also their webbrowsers because performance issues. And here I am only talking about 2 things that most people use.

    Xingcode by far it doesnt show signs to use even 0.1% of the laptop resources that I was using today. Becuase some people says it still runs after you close the game.

    Frankly the CPU usage isn't that important. We NEED the REASON why it's being implemented and I don't know why people are DEFENDING this. Like seriously, unless you can decompile the program and tell me what exactly it does, there's no reason to defend it. Trying to say, "oh it doesn't even affect me that much", is useless.
    I got some info about Xigncode from a friend

    1 - Doesnt get passwords or stuff like that, it checks the files integrity

    2 - Cpu usage can happen, but the only way to know if that is going to affect you is testing

    3 - Its useless as antt-cheat program, maybe eme was scammed

    4 - This is the most important: False positives can happen, if the company is good theres not so much problem (eme? LOL)

  • ElinUsagiElinUsagi ✭✭✭✭✭
    Khalgoroth wrote: »
    We NEED the REASON why it's being implemented and I don't know why people are DEFENDING this.

    Just so people know, I am not defending it and I also wonder why to make that decision now. I also want to know what EME expect from this rootkit that it only seems to not achieve the purpose it was designed for.

    If the worst came to worst (what is not exactly confidential info being leaked as no one has proved that) the most I will do is to ignore it.
    DIONI wrote: »
    I got some info about Xigncode from a friend

    3 - Its useless as antt-cheat program, maybe eme was scammed

    4 - This is the most important: False positives can happen, if the company is good theres not so much problem (eme? LOL)

    Those 2 points are what I think are the more importan issues about Xingcode.

    I don't think EME was scammed, I think BHS gave out the order to implement it on our region.

    About the false positives, yes this has happened at other games so it makes me wonder if EME said anything to BHS before they start making arragements in NA to implement it. False positives can be the main thing that could hurt playerbase the most. Right now support looks like they can't handle most of the current tickets and with this they could get overflowded by tickets about this matter making support service more slow than it is already.
  • vkobevkobe ✭✭✭✭✭
    T5EGCG7J5M wrote: »
    ElinUsagi wrote: »
    T5EGCG7J5M wrote: »
    You keep turning blind eye for those that do not own high end computers in the first place, or own laptops.
    Also from what I keep seeing, you are saying that people being paranoid is silly? Knowing that your privacy as well as personal information is on the line?
    Can I have your credit card information, your Social Security Number, your driver's licenses, your emails and passwords, as well as your address? I wont do anything, I just want to collect this information and learn more about you.

    You are not a bussiness that I can sue.

    Each time I make an on-line purchase I share many of those info with them, obviously you are really silly to ask me for that when you have nothing that I can take back if you do something irresponsible and I dont have info about you to procced legaly at all.

    Do you see the diference?

    As I said, being paranoid wont help.

    BTW that laptop is worth 400 dollars right now so you can get a PC with better hardware with less, so it is not a high end laptop/PC.

    There is a difference between TAKING and GIVING. I GAVE you my information is different from you TOOK my information.

    Not everyone has time for a PC compared to a Laptop, people aren't always glued to one spot, moving a PC is harder than a laptop.

    ye play tera at work is best tera work B)
  • vkobevkobe ✭✭✭✭✭

    how is anyone OK with this?

    because i use internet, steam, microsoft product, nivea, logitech, razer software and i dont trust my internet provider, but i am not choice to support their spyware if i want use internet and other software :)
  • zenpiaxzenpiax ✭✭✭
    Is mEME going to respond or they just don't care at this point? This thread has been blowing up and the only response we get is a half [filtered] announcement detailing how xingcode will be implemented in the game and a bunch of other irrelevant info. RIP Tera!

    Maybe eme reputation
    North Korea gets xingcode info:

    "Tera is new pacman?"
  • vkobevkobe ✭✭✭✭✭
    kubitoid wrote: »
    i sincerely hope all information collected by xigncode will go through korean servers directly to Putin data storages in his Sochi villa <3

    kim jong un ;)
  • FaytEsteemFaytEsteem ✭✭✭
    Spent a few hours reading the posts in this thread....and I gotta say to the whiteknights in this thread, how much do they pay you to keep backing them up?
  • FulzoidFulzoid ✭✭✭
    Christin wrote: »
    voidy wrote: »
    Equitas wrote: »

    unneccessarily lengthy trashpost.

    It's cool, I don't bother reading the garbage you post either.

    Honestly, many of us have Equitas on ignore.

    Well, I will have to go seeing as I have too much personal information on my system and simply don't trust much of anything from Korea. Just because I may visit the forum doesn't mean I am playing. Tonight will be the first in a long time I haven't done legion on my alts. No, EME doesn't care, and you know, that's fine with me.

    Apparently, I can't ignore him myself... To many people ignored him,his "to be ignored" list is full :( PLEASE HELP MEEEEH
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