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Post patchnotes and I'll buy some lootboxes

:^) Please i have 10 dollar


    Theres some extra changes like Ts fix after cyclone, hailstorm normalized and ninja fix.
  • We lied. We weren't gonna buy any, just wanna see the patch notes to vent and [filtered], hue hue.
  • StitchedSoulStitchedSoul ✭✭✭✭
    edited June 2018
    Nice. EU opens up one more server and our servers need to be unite all in one.
    idk what eme think they are doing... unbelieavable how one small companyin one year can drop game from normal state to complete unpopular stuff where a lot of players (who have no block) run to another publisher.
    Read their patch notes - they are adjusting BG and rewards, improving them, removing something. I mean th work there really goes and its visible that gameforge not just drinking their tea in office.
    And we still have outdated $hit in Aces and VG merchant + cruxes in boxes. We have still not return of our stuff in dressing room and cut store with ridiculous daily offers. And their "sorry we are so small" as cherry on top of cake.
    the guild skill hp being reduced is total BS.
    the pit of petrax entries being reduced to NON - elite amount of entries is lame.
    is this how its going to be ?.. making non elite play so bad everyone is forced to buy elite ?!
    these patch notes are sad.
    when will elite actually get updated.
  • StitchedSoulStitchedSoul ✭✭✭✭
    edited June 2018
    no man its for gameforge patch notes about their PoPs and elites.
    this doesnt mean it will be nesesarily here too.

    and our elite will not be updated. At least i wouldnt wait for this. WE have plenty of stuff that needs rework (thati mentioned in post before is only a half) and a nothing changed tho A YEAR already passed since previous speaks about it. So be sure you will have changing mount sometimes but rest gold boosts and stuff will remain there forever. They cant fix game, cant fix site and status page. What about yorue talking? What elite? xD
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