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June 7th 2018 - Patch Notes

v69 Hero’s Oath

  • Added new dungeon: Antaroth's Abyss
    • Requires ilvl: 446
    • Dungeon entrance: Velika Outskirts
    • Drops: Emeralds, Diamonds, Carved Ornaments, Otherworldly Shards, Copper Clasps, Pansophic Ashes, Stormcry Equipment Chests, Elemental Essences (enchanting materials), Onset Masks
  • Added new dungeon: Antaroth's Abyss (hard)
    • Requires ilvl: 453
    • Dungeon entrance: Velika Outskirts
    • Drops: Infinity Masks, Veilthroch (Heroic Oath material), rare or superior innerwear, Stormcry Equipment Chests, Emeralds, Diamonds, Otherworldly Shards, Artisan's Tools, Copper Clasps, Pansophic Ashes, Elemental Essences (enchanting materials)
  • Pit of Petrax
    • Changed daily entry limit from 3 to 2. (Elite Status limit is now 3, originally 4.)
    • Petrax’s HP has been rebalanced on a per-class basis.
    • Increased drops of gems (ruby/sapphire), accessory enchanting materials, and etching materials.
  • Red Refuge
    • Decreased boss’s HP.

  • Added dungeon leaderboards alongside the Battleground leaderboards.
    • Lists dungeon rankings based on clear times.
    • Currently includes only ranks for Antaroth's Abyss (hard) and Pit of Petrax.
    • Players can open leaderboards via main menu or ALT+L shortcut.
    • Displays top 20 players per class per dungeon and top 100 players for all classes.
    • Players in the top 1000 can see their rank.
    • If any party members change after the final boss battle begins, that run will not be eligible for ranking.
  • To allow inclusion of new content, major content updates will reset the leaderboard Season for battlegrounds as well as dungeons.
  • This update will begin Season 3 which is scheduled to conclude on Thursday, July 12 during maintenance.

  • Added new Heroic Oath gear
    • Obtained via upgrading from Stormcry +9 gear with new material Veilthroch.
    • Heroic Oath gear cannot currently be enchanted or liberated (available in the future).
  • Added four Infinity Masks:
    • Keen— +3 Endurance; +12 Crit Factor
    • Powerful— +3 Endurance; +6 Power
    • Bitter— +3 Endurance; +0.06 Crit Power
    • Energetic— +3 Endurance; +3 percent cooldown reduction
  • Added a descriptor to Onset Mask names to help differentiate which combat stat they provide:
    • Keen— Crit Factor
    • Powerful—Power
    • Bitter—Crit Power
    • Energetic— cooldown reduction

  • Updated Gridiron
    • It is now a 10 vs 10 battleground that is only available on Saturday's ( 3pm PDT ) and Sunday's ( 5pm PDT ).
    • All players will get equalized gear and appearance upon entry to the battleground.
    • Player names will not be displayed, but anonymized to numbers such as 101 and 201.
      • The first digit is the team; the next two, the player on the team.
      • Your own name will display to you only (client-side).
    • Real-time scoreboard UI will display, and rewards are distributed at the end of the battleground depending on ranking.
      • A minimum of 300 points is necessary to receive rewards.
    • Wins or losses do not matter; only rankings and ranking rewards.
      • Gridiron Reward Chests are distributed depending on rankings.
      • Rewards include various enchanting materials and Onset Masks.
    • Classes are ranked differently.
      • Different classes have different point ratios for dealing damage.
      • Healing classes also receive points for healing.
      • Lancers, brawlers, priests, and mystics also receive points for crowd control.
    • Team Win/Loss achievements are no longer attainable; these will be set to legacy during a later patch.
  • Added Infinity Masks to battleground boxes for wins or losses in Corsair’s Stronghold and Fraywind Canyon.
  • Kumas Royale
    • Changed kick vote rate from 100% yes votes to 80% yes votes (excluding player to be kicked).
    • Adjusted lose reward from 1 Kumas Royale Receipt to 3 Kumas Royale Receipts.
  • Adjusted rewards for Corsairs’ Stronghold and Fraywind Canyon.
    • Win reward:
      • Corsairs’ Stronghold: Champion’s Enchanting Chest ×7
      • Fraywind Canyon: Champion’s Enchanting Chest ×8
    • Lose reward:
      • Corsairs’ Stronghold: Champion’s Enchanting Chest ×4
      • Fraywind Canyon: Champion’s Enchanting Chest ×5
  • Added items to Champion’s Enchanting Chest:
    • Veilthroch
    • Infinity Masks
  • Changed Corsairs’ Stronghold cooldown from 15 minutes to 10 minutes.

Skills Balancing
  • Valkyrie
    • Slash—Removed stagger effect from first hit.
    • Dark Herald—Reduced the number of targets pulled to 2 in PvP.
  • Sorcerer
    • Hail Storm—Resolved issue where castanic female AoE had a different hit frequency than other races.

Quests & Guardian Missions
  • Changed some leveling-zone quest rewards:
    • Valkyon Wants You – Isolated Town: from class-specific weapon to one amethyst.
    • Valkyon Wants You – Find the Captain: from class-specific weapon to one amethyst.
    • Cultists’ Conspiracy – Going on the Offensive: from class-specific weapon to one pearl.
    • Cultists’ Conspiracy – Some Gave All: from class-specific weapon to one pearl.
  • Changed quest item: Piece of Amani Horn
    • Piece of Amani Horn can now be destroyed.
    • The item, if destroyed, can be re-obtained through Red Refuge quest.
  • Revised Tragedy and Triumph story quest at Ex Prima to respawn cage bars while progressing the quest.
  • Apex quest now has named monsters occasionally dropping healing motes.

  • Decreased max HP increase amount from guild skill: Elinu’s Vigor V–VII.
  • Added rewards to description on Battleground UI.
  • Updated dungeon servers to increase stability and reduce lag.
  • Security Update as mentioned here.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue where party voting UI for kicking offline players may not display after entering dungeon/battleground.
  • Fixed issue where Guardian Mission UI was displayed even after leaving area.
  • Fixed issue where player location would desync with server during certain dungeon mechanics.
  • Other localization fixes.
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