[TERA Console] The Grotto of Lost Souls update (v85) is now live! Read the patch notes here: https://bit.ly/TERACon_v85

[TERA PC] The 64-bit update (v97) is now live. Check out all the changes delivered on August 11 here: https://bit.ly/tera64_patchnotes
[TERA PC & CONSOLE] Summerfest Part 2: The Beach Bash is on from August 11 until September 1! Participate in event activities to earn tokens redeemable for costumes, consumables, mounts, and more! Details: https://bit.ly/tera_sf20

Who's playing today, and how is the game running for you since the update?



  • ChristinChristin ✭✭✭✭
    edited June 2018
    LegateTR wrote: »
    I stopped playing and uninstalled Tera two days before the XIGNCODE patch dropped. I'll gladly come back when it's completely gone or replaced and not a moment sooner. In the meantime there are dozens upon dozens of other great games for me to enjoy for free.

    Same here. I just like hanging out on the forums now.

    Is PUBG really using Xingcode now? I've seen people keep referencing that, but everything I look up says they are using BattlEye.
  • Game is normal here. Some lag spikes. But had those before.
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