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Pathfinder: Celestial Hills Server - Recruiting Active Guild Members

Hi everyone!

This is Oathchord of Guild Pathfinder from Celestial Hills :D

We are recruiting active guild members who:

• Needs help in learning the game
• Wants to run dungeon with fun people
• Wants to learn end-game dungeons
• Needs a laid-back guild with no pressure in gearing up
• Wants to grow up with the guild
• Needs help in crafting golden darics/plates, silver siglo/plates, emeralds/diamonds
• Optional: Wants to do CU and Harrowhold in the future

Guild background: Level 156 Guild previously called Plebeian Rehab under ultimatedestroyer which is passed on to Ellenella and now passed on to me.

Discord details:
# general - Anything under the sun (and not offensive :P)
# music - Share your love for music!
# food - Share your love for food!
# movie - Share your..okay you know the drill
# birthday - Share your special day and you might get something special -winks-

Should you need more details, feel free to add me or parcel me in game.
Or even if you have decided not to join, you can still ask for my help as long as it is within my reach :D

Have a good day everyone!

"Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time."


  • Hello! I'm quite new to the game as I have just made my character two days ago and just capped to 65 yesterday. I am very much interested in joining your guild. :')

    I've sent an application in-game just in case you don't see this post, lol.

    IGN: Michiaki
  • Hey! I created my character a few days ago and am currently lvl 29. I was looking for a laid back guild that I could grow with and run dungeons. This guild seems perfect. The servers are down for maintenance right now but I’m hoping to send you an in-game request when they’re back up later this morning. My ps4 name is Sjmack19 and my Tera character name is Arakano.
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