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PVP Queues

It seems to be taking longer and longer to get into a game. Today, during primetime, Corsairs (Jackpot Day) seems to be nonexistent. Has the issue of queueing with a friend been resolved? Has anyone gotten a queue today? Something needs to change. Maybe we could reduce the player limit to 15v15 or not be so strict on party compositions.

I have seen the suggestion before to show how many people are queued for an instance or BG. This would help players understand what they are getting into, rather than aimlessly sitting in a queue that is going nowhere. Such a waste.


  • or maybe there is a ton of people queued, but only one instance of the BG able to be going at a time? (this would be stupid but maybe what is happening?)

    That happened on PC for about a month when they bugged servers (for NA servers at least)
  • People don't queue for CS anymore. FWC really only pops now.
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