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Gunner event not possible without ilvl 417?

I cannot get the hyrdath quest to proc for the letter 'E' I am told that it only shows up as a vangard quest when you are ilvl 417 or above. Has anyone below 417 gotten the E or is was getting GUNN a waste of my time?


  • Nope! You can't get the letter E at all without being 417 which is honestly pretty [filtered]. So far unless you want to run a lot of 410 dungeons ( which are a lot more time consuming then the earlier dungeons ) and from what I understand you ( from what a friend told me ) you need all of the new pieces and then plus them to an x amount ( so you'd have to grind parts to enchant them ) so uhhh.... yeah.. :s
  • They might end up changing it. The U was originally from a 417 BAM as well. We'll see.
  • Hope they fix this would really hate it if my husband,daughter,and I wasted all our play time just to get GUNN and not be able to finish
  • Its really not hard to get to 417. If you are hurting for 10 feedstock, the most efficient method is to make throw away reapers. You get roughly 1k T9 which can be combined to 500 T10. I did that a couple of times. Guile is very easy to come by .
  • haroldz, if you hide the pain and smile through the IoD quests you'll get celestial arena quest which will push your total to 1600 T9 per reaper.

    Also, if you just want the bare minimum in the shortest time, all you need is +12 guile weapon, +12 slaughter armor(all gold rolls), and probably guile belt to hit 417. +12 guile weapon is important because the 10 lvl 69 hydraths you have to kill will laugh at that puny slaughter weapon damage.
  • IppikiIppiki ✭✭
    edited June 2018
    You can get 417 with the feedstock and gold you get from getting to level 65, with just one guile piece of equipment plussed up.

    You *might* need a guild to pull you through Lilith’s to get a guile belt, though I’m not 100% on that, however I‘ve got like 5 characters to 417 within an hour of completing all the level 65 story quest chain, and on some of those, not entered LK at all.

    Quick fix:

    Make all your t9 +12 bar one piece, usually I pick weapon for pure increased damage though it might work on others. It is much easier to get t9 to +12 than t10. If you can;t get it all to +12 with gold rolls with the free feedstock and other mats you get, you’ve been unlucky as hell.

    Get jewelry from the story quest post 65 chains. Forgot where I got all mine. Manorborn etc has a higher ilvl.

    Get a guile piece to +10 or so.* Might have to get guile belt from lilith’s. Lilith’s only requires 410 though. If you don’t have feedstock, merge any t9 you have left into t10. It;s relatively cheap on broker now anyway though.

    *you might have to go higher. I only say +10 because I hit 417 with my lancer with just +10.

    Get innerwear from quest line (regular green puts you over 417, might be able to buy a better one from broker that basically does nothing to your stats but artificially (imo) increases ilvl.

    Make *all* your rolls on gear gold, and don’t have to be *good* gold rolls, just anything that puts your ilvl higher.

    Now do hydraths with one other person, as this janky artificial method to get 417 is not going to make you good at fighting them.
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