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[Tempest Reach] - Divinitus is Recruiting

Divinitus is a medium to large-sized semi-casual, laid-back social/progression guild looking for new members to join our family! We have been around on and off since TERA launched in 2012. At the moment, most of us just came back for the gear patch, so we're looking for more people for harder dungeons, but we would love to have more members of any skill level join us. We like to keep a close-knit community, so we highly encourage members to join and participate in our Discord (voice or text) and in the guild chat.

Our Goal:
To create a helpful tight-knit community of players who are interested in improving and getting better at their class/classes, while getting to know each other!

About Us:
- The majority of our members right now are from North America, mostly in EST. Peak times are usually 7 to 12 PM EST on weekdays; varies on weekends.
- Primary Language: English
- Supported Languages (some officers speak these languages fluently): French, Spanish; must be willing to communicate in English
- PvE focused.
- Regardless of current skill we're willing to train and teach mechanics of multiple classes (many of us play or have played more than one class).

Who are we looking for?
- Highly-skilled at loafing and laid-back, fun people who are open to learning and doing dungeons with us!
- Please have the attitude to improve regardless of your current skill level~
- Any level! Preferably 65, or plan to be 65 so we can drag you to end-game dungeons!! (And we can die repeatedly together until we all learn it!!!)
- Any class is welcomed! More tank and healer mains are always appreciated~. But play what you want (don't feel forced to do either of these roles)!
- Open to constructive criticism if you are interested in higher-end dungeons
- Players that will participate in guild chat and/or discord (voice or text). We are partially a social guild after all!

How to join
- Search us up on "Guilds on Server" and leave an application!

Contact any of the officers if you want more information:
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