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Summer Swimwear Sales Schedule!

So summer has finally arrived! And with it comes the swimwear, both new and seasons gone by... There are a few changes I wanted to call out and a schedule to lay down for you.

First off (and this change was made a little bit ago), all swimwear (as well as Maid costumes) have been/are having a Series name attached instead of a year. This is due to the fact that while it is true that these different sets launched in different years on PC, they are launching on different years on Console, and it just creates lots of confusion. So the years/series names for swimwear are:

2012 - Series 1
2013 - Series 2
2014 - Series 3
2016 - Series 4
2017 - Series 5
2018 - Series 6

Second up, a schedule for release (and where to get them):

Series 5 (last year's set) - Today, June 21, 2018 in the TERA PC store!
Series 6 (the new 2018 hotness!)- Thursday, June 28, 2018 in the TERA PC store!
Series 4 - Tuesday, July 3 until Tuesday, July 10 in the Daily Deals
Series 3 - Tuesday, July 10 until Tuesday, July 17 in the Daily Deals
Series 2 - Tuesday, July 17 until Tuesday, July 24 in the Daily Deals
Series 1 - Tuesday, July 24 until Tuesday, July 31 in the Daily Deals

Finally, items being sold via Daily Deals will ALL BE SOLD DIRECTLY. In other words, we'll take everything out of loot boxes and sell them without RNG (priced accordingly), but only sometime during that week. As there are limited spots available in Daily Deals UI, we will rotate the items from that series throughout the week, so some things will be available multiple times through that week. These items will not be available through the TERA PC store, only the Daily Deals, so log in and keep and eye on the deals to get what your heart has been longing for...

ALL swimwear will be removed and put back in storage by 10 a.m. PDT on August 1st, so get what you can while it's available!
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