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  • So, no changes?

    It's quite disappointing how instead of using the forums, Enmasse has decided to use Discord and quite often not respond here at all. Instead we have to hear second-hand from people who see staff replies.

    Now, this would be fine if it were the official way they communicated with players but as far as I've noticed they haven't come out and said that's how things are.

    Two of the recent issues raised by the community here (BG tokens, Summer tokens), had responses only on Discord, leaving the forums guessing.

    TL;DR: The forums exist, please use them too. Or direct people to check Discord for news instead of here.
  • So, no changes?
    I did see that the box is now on both merchants, at the very least.

    And yeah, they need to have a single source where all the latest info can be found, and a way for everyone to easily get to it. (I'd like for it to be the forum, but I like forums...) Right now, I would honestly say Discord and Twitter tend to be where the latest info is, because that's what the current key staff use most.

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    I don't know what to say. They don't plan to change event? the DO IT YOURSELF. Don't pretend how you care of players, don't tell us stories how you "just put info there faster". Eme we are not kids and not imbeciles! We can understand that you don't get the needs of players and living in your tank. You do not realize that summer is time for fun and real stuff not for your half dead game with boring events, mats as rewards and grind fest. Instead of acting like scrooges you would better make event fun, with rewards that are obtainable without grinding all day by all alts and let people have some fun in game too. Because people don't live for your trash game with non rewarding stuff. Each of us can find another amazing game to play (btw after such start of event I did already. It was my last drop) in addition to our real lives.
    We are also humans eme and you pretend to be guys who don't realize that were enough smart to see your trickery and indifference to us. All so called your care of us is a MAJOR LIE. You do not understand that many people do not have trash soft aka discord and will never set it just for your humble and very important company. It's enough that we all have xigncode installed.
    I wish you all in EME would see one thing : You bring us only regrets every time events start. And what is worse - you are HOPELESS, because you never learn.
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    2 days of farming with multiple characters and then you end up with this...


    im so done :rage:

  • forget, they will not change anything, their focus is to turn off tera pc and focus on tera console...
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    Bluehole focused on ktera second awakening.

    EME focused on console version and the new launch of gunner class on June 26th. My friends didn't believe me that the console version will take too much attention away from PC version.

    EU Gameforge on the other hand is taking the time to speak directly to Bluehole to talk about the future of TERA and maybe talisman discussions. GASP I KNOW! EU showing lots of attention and effort to their community by bringing exclusive content because of how much control and knowledge they have behind their game. They even do well indepth streams before every major patch to bring the hype up.

    What has EME done:

    Bring Xigncode, streaming playing a board game, communication scattered all over the place instead of putting all the resources under one area, broken events, these *tee-hee* mysterious events to bring more confusion, no more race change costume swap, a new CM that taking more time to understand the community and more importantly the game, more broken patch notes, removal of roadmaps to enticing players, no server status page. I could just go on and on as there will be more additions added later as the game grows thinner each passing days.
    CornishRex wrote: »
    > @ElinUsagi said:
    > You get free things from an event and you still complain? LoL
    > If you don't want to farm them you can buy them with money.

    It's not free. It costs a lot of time to get 150 tokens. Free would be if I received it from a code, or in parcel without any effort being put in from my end. Anything that costs time is not free period.

    Events are supposed to be fun and rewarding, since theyre, you know, events. If I'm not encouraged to do an event and nobody wants to participate because other content is more worth their time, the event isn't a very good one.

    Thank you for slamming that into ElinUsagi's whiteknighting face while being constructive and cool about it. I love you.
  • Question: Does anyone know if it's possible to get last years new summer costumes from there? I've legit seen about 2 people wearing the white shirt female costume, if that's not even in these RNG chests then I'm just not even going to bother with the event.
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    Zoknahal wrote: »
    Definitely not the best shop.

    Extras: No one buys noctenium infusers from the VG shop. I suggest replacing those 2 with Superior Noctenium Elixir, and increase the price to 5 tokens per.

    I spend 100% of my vanguards on noct refiners
  • When I saw the 150 token price, I breathed a sigh of relief. Now I don't have to waste my time doing the daily event quests on all of my characters anymore. Great way to demotivate players! GJ mEME <3
  • i still doing my dailys... mb eme will low the prices
  • StitchedSoulStitchedSoul ✭✭✭✭
    I gave up idea that I will get swimsuit this year.
    have some gold, will buy from brokerage before they disappeared completely there due to lack of swimsuits. (thanks to eme)

    1 boxes highly overpriced. There is nothing to comment. You must play the game to understand how tarded this price is. But eme doesn't. They don't spend their time even on their direct work in Tera. Silly to expect them to understand something about how unfair, stupid and lame rewarding the grind of cosmetics is.

    2 contain a lot of random crap aka skuba or hats. I DO NOT need this TRASH eme. I can deal with this in my wardrobe or spend my time trying to sell it ONLY If YOU will PAY me for it with swimsuit. Take off your pink glasses and realize that none of players wants and prays to get this garbage.

    3 swimsuit will be most likely completely another race gender. Thanks eme I should gring whole month to get 1-2 boxes of elin or female [filtered] while having only male chars!

    Shove this event to your @ss eme.
    Never thought event can come to such worthless state .

    P.s. Eme buy brain or just stop the event. It shames you and its an insult to US.
  • This is the first time in 5 years of tera that I'll not do the summer event.

    We could had ,for example, summer box for 20 tokens, with 3% chance to get the big prize, like the loot boxes in the emp store. But instead of only hats or accessorys, something that will make people run for the event and have fun, like:

    Summer box loot:

    Golden talent - 5,10,15
    Silver talent - 2,5,10
    Entropic boxes - 2,3,4
    Meta. tokens - 500,1000, 2000
    Noctenium refiner - 1, 2, 3
    Artisian refining kit - 500, 1000, 1500
    Swimsuits - Matchs your race and gender

    I know there are players that can farm amost 1000 boxes with this amount of token for 1 box, but this takes a lot of time and this same player can make the same or more gold in the time that he spent doing the event doing others things. However, a event is something to have fun and get a little more than what we get from the usual contet.

  • KXRC9JMW74KXRC9JMW74 ✭✭✭
    Summer loot box should be for summer loot only
    Swimsuits - Matchs your race and gende

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