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Weekly Events *June 26 - July 2* [Vanguard, Guardian Legion, Battleground Spotlights]

Vanguards, Guardian Legions and Battleground Spotlights - OH MY! Jump into these events and have a good time!

Event? Weekly Vanguard Event

Reward? Vanguard Initiative Reputation Credits

When? Starts Tuesday, June 26 at 4am PDT until Tuesday, July 3 at 4am PDT

Event? Guardian Legion Event

Reward? Redeem Guardian Legion rewards and you’ll receive a bonus reward of 30 TERA Rewards Points.
(Guardian points and Guardian Legion rewards reset every day at 4 a.m. PDT, so be sure to claim all your earned rewards (up to the maximum of 40) each day!!)

When? Starts Tuesday, June 26 at 10 am PDT until Tuesday, July 3 at 10 am PDT,

Event? Battleground Spotlight

Reward? Wins in Corsairs' Stronghold and Fraywind Canyon earn you increased Battleground Coins and VG Bonus Rewards

When? Starts Friday, June 29 at 4 am PDT until Monday, July 2 at 4 am PDT

Spotlight Increased Coin Schedule:
Friday - Fraywind Canyon
Saturday - Corsairs' Stronghold
Sunday - Fraywind Canyon

Additionally, check the Vanguard Requests listed below for bonus Battleground Spotlight rewards.
Win in Corsairs' Stronghold
Win in Fraywind Canyon
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