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Important Question Regarding New Dreadspire.

Can this dungeon be IMS'd ( able to be queue'd cross server)?
I really want an official EME answer to this question. I hear in ktera it's not but for the sake of teambuilding prior to patch I want to be 100% sure.


  • LinXiaoXingLinXiaoXing Jakarta, Indonesia ✭✭
    i`m curious too, but my prediction new dreadspear will be not available for IM, because ENMASSE not put item level requirement on the list (its writen N/A)..
    but its just my guess anyway, but i really hope in both ways..
  • tell your friends from dead servers to come to mt or tr if they want to clear :+1:
  • XristosxXristosx ✭✭✭
    I think you can probably do it that other way anyway. You know.
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