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[AV] Bonsai Guild Recruitment

Guild Master: Osaki
Guild Level: 204, Rank #8
Guild Size: Large
Playstyle: PvE, PvP, and Casual

What are the requirements to join the guild?
We're currently welcoming players who are 65 and active. In addition, we have a few simple requirements:
  1. iLvl 431
  2. Skilled in all 431 Dungeons
  3. Willingness to learn and grow
  4. Willing to help contribute to what the guild does, not just lurk.

What do you do as a guild?
We often hold guild events. They normally have prizes, but sometimes they're quirky and just for fun, like a photo contest for valentines day, a race across a river, and pvp tournaments. We voice chat every week, whether it be through learning dungeons or just to hang out.
We also participate in Civil Unrest, and team with other guilds to better our chances. There are some people in our guild who frequent Velika Outskirts too, and they invite other people to come along with them to practice and have fun.
Daily, we accept guild quests, and we invite everyone to come along and spam dungeons with us. If you are new to endgame, we would be happy to bring your through the content. Along with these, we also go BAM hunting together and frequent rally.

What kind of dungeons do you run?
We try to run all of the dungeons that are available in the game, meaning all 3, 4, and 5 star dungeons. If there's a dungeon that we don't know, we normally get together a group of people to try and learn the dungeon for fun, since it's always more comfortable learning new things with people you're familiar with and know won't judge you for messing up.

What's your rule on innactives?
If you don't log into your main account at least once every 14 days, you will be kicked unless you've informed the guild beforehand that you will be absent. We give alt accounts more leeway.

Do you have a discord/Is discord required?
We do have a discord and we require that you join it, since that's where we plan things with and for the guild. A lot happens there. If you don't want to be kept in the dark too often, don't be shy and join us!

SO! If you're interested in joining or have any questions, please contact Osaki in-game (Osa#1322 in discord), or the officers Moral (Mory#9134), Sennen (Sennen#7697), or Yri (Artorias#6618). Feel free to comment on this post, or send an invite over to our guild and we'll get you in with us ASAP. We look forward to growing with you!
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