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Brawlers struggling to hold aggro against gunners?

Ran Vault of Kaprima a couple times today, once on my gunner and once on my priest. Both times had a brawler tank and gunners were ripping bosses (particularly Kornus) off the tank constantly. My gunner is 422 and was getting aggro off a 418 brawler constantly. I don't recall the ilvl of the brawler or gunner in my priest's group but everyone was 410-417. Is this just people playing brawler poorly, or is gunner aggro really that strong?


  • Brawler still learning
  • CornishRexCornishRex ✭✭✭✭✭
    Gunner is not that strong if it was released with all the nerfs that hit it during the ruinous Manor patch, it's just the brawler that's having issues.
    And gunners (even bad ones) can rip aggro off with balders vengeance because it's a really high damage skill with a big CD.
  • Baratos wrote: »
    Brawler still learning

    That must be it. Was ripping aggro even without balders vengeance.
  • With the brawler you really need to know the attack patterns to keep up growing fury and some boss mechanics make it go away so it is what it is
  • As a fulltime brawler i have to agree to all above. I wanna bet he also doesnt use the front Def glyph on RHK.

    Brawler needs constant (crit) damage to keep aggro. Aggro crystal isnt even neccessary (it even means damage loss)
  • VinyltailsVinyltails ✭✭✭✭
    J3NNR37FKX wrote: »
    As a fulltime brawler i have to agree to all above. I wanna bet he also doesnt use the front Def glyph on RHK.

    I mean...if you're keeping GF up then the Front Def glyph on RHK is kinda wasted points...basically glyphing it saying "I know i can't keep it up for the duration of GF CD"
  • Threatening crystal may reduce overall dps, but it is handy to use when you are undergeared to maintain aggro. Maybe not when you’re in full Guile gear, but I see a lot of Brawlers who are in Slaughter gear constantly losing aggro to high dps, even using the correct skills, and a threat crystal helps immensely.
  • HueHue ✭✭
    edited July 2018
    With all these new Brawler tanks running around on console, I don't think it's a waste of points in glyphing frontal defense for RHK at all. Not everyone is a Brawler god so you will run out of GF if the bosses do certain mechanics. About threat crystal...I have miss feelings about this one for the longest time. I feel like whether you have it or not, you will lose aggro if a dps crit multiple millions in a row or constantly criting nonstop unless the Brawler also criting insanely as well.

    As for the OP; the Brawler probably still learning or just not trying hard enough. This might not be a good example, but my gunner friend plus 13 Ambush weapon is critiing for 1mil per hit on burst fire when boss enrage and 17 to 20mil on BV while I tank in plus 14 Brawler Ambush weapon and I still somehow hold aggro.
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