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[AV] PC - Awakening Fate Recruiting

Hiya! Thanks for checking us out.

Awakening Fate is a relatively new guild: friendly, sociable, and helpful. We actually used to be the guild named Awakened Fate, but after a particular accident, our Guild Master had to remake the guild. So now we're small and trying to grow and become our own little community. We are mainly looking for active players that are nice, want to improve on themselves and/or help other players. If you want to join, feel free to apply to "Awakening Fate" in-game, or whisper me. My most active characters are Vivian.Narquois and Joker.Nohr. I highly recommend just applying, though, as I'm not always online certain characters or I'm leveling one of my non-65's.

Some things about us:
- We are EN.
- We accept any and all levels.
- We accept new players, old players, or returning players.
- End Game wise we are PVE Focused!! We will consider PVP if our guild gets bigger.
- We use Discord for offline chat, you don't have to VC with us but we're around if you want to hang out! Discord is not required, but it's recommended so that you can stay up to date with the guild and easily ask other members if they want to play.
- We play other games together like League of Legends, some people do PUBG/Fortnite, Blade & Soul, R6, whatever's on the table. Our Discord has every member labelled with what games they regularly play.

Again!! We're a very small community looking to become bigger!! If you don't want a small, new guild then please look elsewhere!

Thank you for reading. And if you are interested in joining or have questions, feel free to ask!


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