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Quest credit in dungeons?

So I ran Necromancer's Tomb twice, on two different characters, and didn't get credit for the quest on either one, what am I missing?


  • I should note that they were both on Normal, and what I'm having trouble figuring out is if it's just a matter of zerging it, and skipping, or if everyone in the party has to interact with everything, or if one person doing it completes it for all, which I'm not sure is likely, if anyone else in either group were doing the quest.
  • EleynnEleynn ✭✭
    (Not sure if I understand your problem correctly, so clarify what you mean if I interpreted you wrong.)

    I suppose you are talking about the story quest, as the vanguard request automatically completes if you kill the last boss of the instance. For the story there are two things you need to pay attention to: one is that one of the first NPCs you have to talk to sits in an obscure corner of the first mob room (I'll probably be able to provide a screenshot sometime soon *squinting at the que timer*), and many people miss him. If you kill the miniboss without having talked to this NPC, the quest will not progress. Another thing you should pay attention to is that after the miniboss you will have to blow up some structures using a bomb that will appear in your inventory, similar to that one Bastion of Lok quest. You must do this... I think before facing Kaidun (second BAM).
  • Nope, no screenshots required, I know the guy you're talking about. So the only things I need worry about are getting the bomb, and blowing up the pillars, and I should be ok. I too suffer from "glaring at the queue timer", and that makes finally getting in and getting on it and then not getting the completion so frustrating.
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