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[Tempest Reach][PC] - Peer Pressured looking for peers to pressure!

Were you peer pressured into playing this game? Then you should join us and get peer pressured even further!
On a serious note, we're a newly created guild who just started playing not long ago, and are looking for people to run and learn dungeons with daily.
We do have a guild discord, in which we chill and share memes.
We [Peer Pressured] are located in Tempest Reach.

Things to note:
- Our usual active times [7pm - 3am (UTC+8)]
- All are welcome, regardless of level, new or old.
- We're sociable and helpful :)
- We do play other games too! And you're welcome to join us or the other guildies!

If you're interested in joining, apply to the guild directly or /w Therylia / Aerinarys or message us on discord: Donut#2108 / smitedaram#6417
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