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An Open Letter To EME Staff Regarding Server Merges



  • I dont know what the problem would be if there where no pvp Zones. But people willingly activating outlaw declaration could interact with one another.
    Who doesnt want this to be part of their game simply dont activat it.
    Walk past. Stay for the show or whatev.

    All in all i would rather give up open pvp than suffer on a dead server.

    Ps4 EU
  • > Please do not backdoor player ganking into our new PvE server.

    Pls come to a pvp server amd try to do what u are afraid of.

    It is not possible to gank people outside of the pvp zones. Which everyone here is pretty much willing to give up
  • For those of you who don't know.. If you turn on outlaw on a PvP server while in highwatch, or turn it on outside of highwatch and teleport or walk into the city for that matter you can't gank people. How often are you guys really in a non-safe zone anyways? All cities are safe zones, all pve dung entrances are safe zones. If you are doing achievements your more than likely not going to run into pvp anyways unless its something that SHOULD be contested for, such as a rally bam or a world boss. So many PvE heros in here that don't even know what outlaw does.
  • If they were to finally implement the gvg system then I would consider being okay losing OW pvp, even though it is something that I and my guildies very much enjoy in vo.
  • The VM1 GvG system was the only good GvG system... I would love to see this system come back.
  • edited July 2018
    This is Sterlitzia from both PVE Melkatran and Smulch, I support this thread 100%. If they need more player base, let’s give it to them
  • I support this.
  • I disagree with this. If this were to happen, it'd prevent free players from ever getting the opportunity to play every class.
  • > @WMJJMKRA3A said:
    > I disagree with this. If this were to happen, it'd prevent free players from ever getting the opportunity to play every class.

    How do you mean? There are only 9 classes out and you can have up to 16 on a server. Plus they are giving 5 character slots for free when the week before the merge.
  • WMJJMKRA3A wrote: »
    I disagree with this. If this were to happen, it'd prevent free players from ever getting the opportunity to play every class.

    did you read the post ? because judging from your response you didn't
  • I don't think anyone is denying that the merge suggested by EME as is will not benefit pvp server, just that conceding any part of the world to PvP zones is not on the table for PvE players. Requesting PvE changes on a PvP server ultimately led to the downfall of that system and the same shouldn't be done to PvE.
  • Honestly if they made the whole server a regular pvp server nobody would even notice besides the people who already pvp. No one goes out of their way to hunt people doing achievements.
  • GatokatzenGatokatzen ✭✭✭
    Pvp server inst like before, in the ice ageof pvp , you need to swap channels and care of yourself from Pkers, now even with pvp 65 only, you can go anywhere and no one attacks you, is weird but true.
    Being in a pvp server right now, is like just have the posibility to do something different to kill the same pve monster for ages.
    So pvers won't suffering.
  • SsffSsff ✭✭
    I'll agree only if it'll be 1 big PvP server.
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