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An Open Letter To EME Staff Regarding Server Merges



  • KingBowie wrote: »

    Lag is an issue. That's why there are channels. If you want to play solo swich to channel 4 or even 8. There will most likely be no one there fighting the mobs you're fighting nor any lag in Velika or highwatch. Since you stated you want to just enjoy the scenery and gather stuff, it shouldn't be an issue for you playing on channel 8 alone. For me personally I'd be disappointed that there was no other person there (kinda goes against the point of playing an MMO to me personally as I want to see/meet other people and do dungeons with them and such).

    Thank you for your very well-written and reasonable response. I know you said you play on PS4, but do you happen to know HOW to switch channels on an Xbox? If anyone can explain this to me, then I would love to try switching channels. I know I sometimes see an automated message pop up about "Elite Status switching to channel 1", or something to that effect, but I thought that was just some system automated thing. If someone can tell me how to manually override which channel I am on, then I would love to try that.
    KingBowie wrote: »
    Also, when you correct someone's spelling (as you typed: "so your statement about free teleporting to "..a dungeons entance [sic] for pre made parties") makes you sound like an elitist too (a grammar elitist isn't much different than a game elitist as both come off as thinking they are superior to the other, and whether you meant it or not, that's how your post sounded).

    Anywhere I have read things, but especially if I am doing a direct quote at work, we simply insert [sic] to show that the spelling error was already there, we did not make the spelling error, and so we cannot be accused of misquoting someone by changing any of the wording, when we put someone else's comments in direct quotation marks. I was unaware that some people saw that sort of thing as an affront. From my experience, it is simply an editorial standard. It was certainly not intended to be judgmental nor elitist.

    In any event, I have made my statements for the developers to see, to consider in their consideration of whether or not to merge PvP servers with PvE servers. I know that I have seen this sort of failed experiment doom the customer base in other games. I also know that I have seen PvPers argue in this thread that the entire world environment in both the PvE and PvP servers is exactly the same, and that we would see no difference if we created a character on a PvP server. With all of those statements from the PvP community, who are obviously very familiar with how the PvP and PvE worlds are designed, the only logical conclusion is that the ONLY difference between the PvE and PvP servers is that the PvP servers allow you to turn on something that allows for PvP (I have seen several PvPers make that argument in this thread), and I saw at least one PvPer say that it is rarely used by anyone. In North America, we have four PvE servers, all of which have been increasing in population and are now up to "High" population, but we have only two PvP servers which are shown as only "Medium" population and, based on comments from PvPers, the PvP community is dwindling to the point that they cannot even sustain their game play on their servers. Given those facts, and statements from the PvPers themselves, it gives me little hope that introducing dying PvP functions into the thriving PvE servers will somehow bring a benefit to the PvE servers.

  • @GuardianAngelGG you go to your menu and it tells you what button to hit on the bottom of your screen to change channels.
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    HC4PF5RDK3 wrote: »
    @GuardianAngelGG you go to your menu and it tells you what button to hit on the bottom of your screen to change channels.

    Which menu? I am in my menus now, but I cannot find anything to select a channel. I only see two menus that look like they might have something like that. "System - Options" does not have any option for channels in it. If "Character - Info" has it, then it is buried somewhere within the many sub-menus and I cannot find it. To which Xbox menu are your referring? I am excited to try this out, to see how it works. I just can't find which Xbox menu has the channel option. I will try some of the other menus, but I don't think any of them would have a channel option.

    OMG!!! I FOUND IT! Thank you and KingBowie SO MUCH for pointing this feature out to me!!! I found the option at the bottom of the screen. I just now stood in the crowded Highwatch area, just to see what would happen. I literally saw everyone just magically DISAPPEAR!!! This is like the most amazing thing EVER!!!! I had no idea we could manually switch channels, but many players simply choose to remain on the crowded channels. I only had three channel options, but channel 3 certainly looks like a great place for me to play! OMG! At least this alleviates my concerns about the overcrowding issue. Thank you both! :)
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    nvm you got it.
  • Sorry I don't want to go through and read everything in this thread again, because I have already started gathering in the quiet serenity of Tera Channel 3, but didn't I see someone mention creating a PvP channel in this thread? If they simply created a channel 4, and put a clear label for the channel as "PvP", then I certainly wouldn't mind. PvP would only work on that PvP channel, they could still do their flagging thing or whatever it is within that channel (in case they want to be in a PvP world, but don't feel like actually PvPing at the moment), and the channel would be set up so that no one just gets automatically moved to it, you would have to go into the options and manually select to be moved to that channel, the way I just now manually selected to move myself onto channel 3.

    I am pretty sure I just repeated what one or more others have suggested, but I had no idea what people were talking about with the channels, until KingBowie and stoicthevast clearly and articulately explained the channels thing to me. I just now LITERALLY WATCHED dozens of people around me disappear, just by moving to a different channel. If Tera added a channel for PvP players, which would only be accessible by manually choosing to be on the PvP channel, then it would certainly be no different to me than the current different servers thing, because we would not even see each other, so they still would not be able to interact with me. Even if a PvPer decided to switch to channel 3, and ran across one of my characters, then it wouldn't matter because we would both be on a PvE channel, so they could not attempt to force me into PvP on a PvE chanel. Of course, if they added a special select feature to automatically log you into that channel if you made such a selection, then it would be even more convenient for the PvPers, if they wanted to just automatically log into the dedicated PvP channel, whenever they log into Tera. I do not see such a feature to automatically log me into channel 3 every time, but I will DEFINITELY remember how to go in and put myself onto channel 3. =)

    People have said that the economies are bad on the PvP servers and that the instance matching is terrible. Of course, I have also seen posts theorizing the instance matching to be more of an issue with the instance matching service, as opposed to being a population problem, so I do not know for sure where the issue actually lies with the instance matching. I have NO CLUE how the channel thing affects economy or instance matching. If they set up a PvP dedicated channel on the PvE server, would the PvP channel still get to contribute to, and benefit from, the full server economy? Is the instance matching thing independent of channel, so that channel 1 players and the PvP channel players would still be able to be queued up with each other? If simply having a PvP dedicated channel would allow PvPers to benefit with the same economy and instance matching as the rest of the players on the server, but it would not introduce any PvP elements into the PvE channels, then I am definitely ALL FOR having a dedicated PvP channel on the server. I honestly do not see any downside, if the PvP options could simply be put onto a dedicated channel for it, but I can see the benefits the PvP community would gain from it.
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    Hue wrote: »

    "There have been talks on the En Masse Discord that PVP server players would be willing to forfeit some open-world PVP, and as a trade-off we would rather have a dedicated PVP zone, Velika Outskirts; where in this zone would be the only area that could you flag up and use Outlaw Declaration. This would keep both the PVP and PVE players happy, as not only would they now have a place dedicated to PVP when queues are not popping, but the PVE players would not have to fear being killed on sight outside of this zone. This in turn would provide a healthier population, broker, and easier time finding groups since we lack a Looking For Group feature on console";

    *There is an easy fix for this...Civil Unrest: Velika. It's a PvP zone content, no need to even flag to PvP in there. It opens 24/7 if I remember correctly and yes you can queue even while in there. It's a HUGE area covering almost the entire Velika map, but you have to teleport there through an NPC.

    These are just my thoughts and experiences while playing the game.

    CU does NOT fix the lack of PvP. The only time people go in there is when you do CU for 2hrs(max) 1 day per week. That does NOT satisfy my PvP craving at all. I need open world for rally and world bams.. and ofc vo where only PVPERS go. Why else would you go to the GvG pad if you aren't going to do PvP???? It baffels me when people say they have to do questing, but you literally get a teleport scroll to where it starts, ignoring the GvG pad entirely, not the mention that a 65 can't even kill you because you aren't 65 yet. There is no reason for anyone to be in VO besides to PvP.

    You basically asking for a single server which is a PvP server is pretty much what you are saying here, am I right? If not, and you just want a dedicated area for PvPers, then yes CU is what you guys need because it is already part of the game and probably (assuming) just need to be activate by Enmasse to make it available. It opens 24/7 even when the 2 hours event ends (correct me if I am wrong here about it's availability after the 2 hours events). Now if you want open PvP for Rally BAMs and world BAMs, then it's impossible unless it's a PvP server only. When you are asking for PvE to join with PvP and follow the PvP's terms, then that there is the issue. Because right now PvP is asking for more people is what the entire OP post is asking for am I wrong? PvP right now is desperately need more people and is asking for PvE, do you see the issue here? If it is that easy, then no one will complain or say anything or having this discussion at all. Lastly, why would anyone needs a reason if they want to go to Velika Outskirt; they just go if they want to go.
  • Please merge all servers into one. It would provide a competitive environment for PvE and PvP. A stable growing economy. Having a socially alive feeling knowing the server is thriving, which will make people invest in the game more. It would make things a lot more interesting all around. I'm sure it would be a lot more easier maintaining one server than multiple.
  • @GuardianAngelGG
    I'm glad we could help with the channel thing. :)

    I agree a dedicated PvP channel would be wonderful. That way the economy and game grows and no one is stuck on just PvP or just PvE if we can change it at a whim. I hope they seriously look into this.
  • KingBowie wrote: »
    I'm glad we could help with the channel thing. :)

    I agree a dedicated PvP channel would be wonderful. That way the economy and game grows and no one is stuck on just PvP or just PvE if we can change it at a whim. I hope they seriously look into this.

    Same here. I think they should seriously look at having a dedicated PvP channel. That seems like the most logical solution, which would make everyone happy.

    I have been enjoying that channel thing you guys showed me. I did my daily Vanguard stuff, then my gathering and some crafting today, in a quiet and relaxing atmosphere. Thanks again! :)

  • I'd be okay with multiple channels, but if rally isn't pvp myself and many others will not return to this game. That goes for World Bams after awakening too. Or make it to the same as pc patch where rally spawns in cu but only half of the week is pvp and half is pve. I would rather quit the game, as well as many others on the pvp servers than be forced onto a pve server.
  • Or make the server a PvP 65 remake and add a pve server with a free xfer when bhs finally gets their stuff together so the pve heros can be somewhere in peace who completely resent the pvp system after they have had a chance to experience the unique tera pvp experience.
  • Mythj name. I 100% agree with this post
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    If one big server becomes about, this will be interesting pertaining the market. The market would expand greatly. I'm a broker, so this will increase my gold per day because of more potential buyers, even if there is more competition. I support the mergers for the potential gold to be had! Y'all can argue about PVE and PVP; I have my eyes set on the potential burgeoning market! Don't hate greed, thank Capitalism!
  • Why do we need a separate PvP server? You already have to flag for PvP, so just keep that and let people choose on the regular server.

    Am I missing something?
  • It is what it is. Changing this eventough it sounds so simple.
    It is a big ask.

    I hope there is room for compromise on Side of the pvp, pve players as of the devs.

    It is asking to either give up what u want to play or fundamently altering the game.

    I see a lot of Profit in this change which could be Redirected to pc.

    Having less servers doesnt split up the Community and keeps players playing.

    It gives anyone the choice anytime to play what they want with whom they want.

    Maybe some pve players discover if the can choose that they like it.
    Maybe some pvp players get sucked it to fun with pve Friends.

    Who knows. But having that freedom to choose how to play is something that i can only see as enriching for erveryone. If handeled correctly.

    Im beeing hopefull and think that devs will come to an decision soon. Whatever that may be.
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