Shara and Arun Boss Achievement Guide

Hey guys, it's Saru - wait, this isn't a video. Um, well back in the day (2014) there was a forum thread that had all the locations and spawn hours of the World Bosses in TERA, and sadly those forums have since then disappeared. So, I did a little digging and was able to dig it out of history itself, and bring it back.

The name of the boss will be in bold, with a "type of monster" next to it and finally the hours that it would take to spawn if killed. Please keep in mind some of these bosses do indeed roam around the Earth, and that means that they may not be in those specific spots, but they'll be around them.

Note: Locations and Spawn Times are completely random. While some bosses only have 1 possible location, others have more than one spot where they can spawn. The spawn times noted are a general time of what has been seen in the past. For example 6-24, it means random respawn time between 6 hours to 24 hours.

Happy Hunting!


Arakia, Ovolith, 6-24

Lanok, Giant, 6-24

Barraq, Kumas, 6-24

Atrocitas, Firmbrilisk, 6-24

Deathglare, Basilisk, 6-24

Abraxis, Crab, 6-24

Tabruk, Vulcan, 12-24

Trunus, Lizard, 6-24

Solrachnus, Arachnen, 6-24

Divine Reaver, Vulcan, 12-24

Kanash, Crab, 12-24+


Andras, Golem, 6-24

Terkasia, Medusa, 6-24

Kestol, Naga, 6-24

Teriak, Giant, 6-24

Dulagoras, Orisk, 6-24

Nyxarras, Dracoloth, 12-24+

Huzrat, Bloodtalon, 12-24+

Kelthuzad, Vulcan, 12-24+


Betsael, Firmbrilisk, 12-24+

Yunaras, Barsicore, 12-24+

Linyphi, Ovolith, 12-24+

Maeve, Arachnen, 12-24+

Draelteryx, Argon Raptor, 12-24

Hursaras, Argon Robot, 12-24

A special thanks to the original poster in 2014, Aryshi. They also made an easy to watch video, if you prefer that format:


  • Thanks for info
  • jinxkunjinxkun California ✭✭
    thanks so much saru! when I get my console and go boss hunting ill definitely look at this <3:smile:
  • jinxkunjinxkun California ✭✭
    its still early on the consoles so theyre still fixing thing.... rather bluehole is fixing things, keep in mind eme is just a publisher in case you were wondering. but still you could talk to some of the staff in discord @Kirasaka
  • @TheSarumonin - Thank you VERY MUCH for reposting this. This made it very quick and easy for me to get both of the Xbox Achievements and both of the Tera Feats (plus several other feats for killing certain named bosses, killing multiple other BAMs while I was in those areas, etc.). This is an awesome list. :):+1:

    I don't know if my timing was lucky or not, but I only had to come back and look for ONE of the named bosses (Terkasia). Unfortunately, she was in a region with only one channel, so I couldn't switch channels. I found her on my third try. I don't know if it had anything to do with it, or if it was just the timing, but the third time she wasn't there, I tried standing in that area, but switching to another character and then switching back. When I switched back to this character, Terkasia was there, so I went ahead and killed her.

    FOR ANYONE GOING AFTER THE NAMED BOSSES: Don't forget, the Tera Feat for "Rule Southern Shara" also requires you to kill some of the regular BAMs in the areas, so be sure to look at the lists in your Feats section, to be sure you can hunt everything in one region at the same time, rather than killing all of the named bosses, then having to go back later to clean up a few unnamed BAMs (yes, I made that stupid mistake, so learn from my mistake). :) I am "pretty sure" the Tera Feat for "Rule Arun" only required the named bosses. While you are looking at your feats list, also check for feats for killing 10, 50, or however many BAMs from those same regions. You can probably knock some of those out, while you are there.

    Also, When I got to a spot on one of the above maps where I should find a named boss, but if I didn't see them, I simply switched channels and they magically appeared. Just to see what would happen on one of the named bosses, I killed them on channel 1, then switched to channel 2 and saw them reappear so I killed them again, then switched to channel 3 and killed them again (the same one, three times within seconds of each other, just by switching channels). I only did this with ONE named boss, to see whether or not there is a named boss on each channel in a region, and apparently there IS. I only did it with one boss, because I did not want to hold up other people who may also be hunting around the same time as me. In areas where the maps show multiple locations that the named boss may appear, I went to one area and if I did not see the boss I switched channels until they appeared in the spot I was looking (I think there was only once where I actually had to go to another spot to find them).

    For anyone who does not know how to switch channels on Xbox, just hit your menu button. While you are in the main menu with all of the menu options along the top menu bar, just look down at the bottom of the screen and you will see a picture of the "Y" button, with the channel you are currently on and the population of that channel (e.g. - "Y Ch.1 Low"). While you are in the main menu, just hit the "Y" button to select a different channel. This is VERY USEFUL if you are in an area with too many players. If you switch to a channel with lower population, then you won't have as many people around you. It is also great for hunting named bosses, because they will sometimes not appear on one channel, but they will appear on other channels. I did not know about the channel thing until recently, when someone explained it to me in these forums. I use it all of the time now, because it is very useful. :)
  • It only sucks that it takes so long to travel everywhere, the mount is so slow. And the flying animation, going from town to town takes much time too.

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