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Ability to buy the same Pegasus pack multiple times

To the Tera team - I had previously bought all three Pegasus packs from the Microsoft store (Winterwing, Eclipse double pack, and Hellwing triple pack). When I go into the Microsoft store and try to buy any of these again, Microsoft just gives me a message that I already own it, and to install it from within the game (it does not allow me to buy the same pack again, because I already bought each of them once). With all three packs, there is only the ability to buy a grand total of five Pegasus steeds through the Xbox store, but we have the ability to have 16 characters for a gamertag (at least 16 is my understanding, from posts that I have read, but I know that more than five is definitely possible). This creates a great number disparity for players who want to have more than 5 characters, and would like for each of them to have a Pegasus steed, but are limited by the Xbox store settings. I know that I have never had a problem buying the 12,000 EMP packs over and over again in the Xbox store, without any issue, so Microsoft can obviously set their store items for multiple purchases. Could someone from Tera please check with Microsoft, to see if they can change the settings on the Tera Pegasus packs, so they work like the EMP packs, so we can buy the same Pegasus packs multiple times?

I am assuming that since the only option for the Pegasus packs is through the Microsoft store, then there is probably an agreement with Microsoft to only sell them through their store. However, if it is possible to simply sell the Pegasus steeds through the in-game EMP store, then that would be even more convenient for players. Either way (change Microsoft store settings to allow for multiple purchases or add the Pegasus steeds to the Tera EMP store) would fix the problem and allow players to buy Pegasus steeds for all of their characters, even if they have more than five characters.



  • Correction - All three Pegasus packs allows for a total of six (not five) flying Pegasus mounts, but it still creates a large number disparity, if someone wants to create more than six characters, but can only buy the Pegasus packs from the Xbox store once. I tried to edit my post above, but I can't seem to edit it.
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