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Soo...i've returned after a pause and things didn't get any better

I've made myself a warrior when i started my journey cause i've read that it's a good DD class...the dodgy, calculated kind that does massive burst damage using edge but when i first unlocked it, it didn't really work out the way i wanted to. Bosses kept teleporting over the map, neather building up edge to 10, nor dodging seemed to work the way it should so i left, hoping they'd manage to make the stability better.

Months passed and here we are. Nothing changed...

Long story short: i bought me the small founders pack, a cape from the currency and got me the psn and twitch loot both onto that character i put my hopes on. Please tell me there's a way to change my class cause to me, warrior is pretty much unplayable as is.


  • Warrior is in the best shape It's ever been in, especially once you unlock your apex skills. It's hands down one of the strongest dps in Tera currently. It honestly sounds like you just don't have enough experience using the class and it has a pretty steep learning curve. The problem you're having is fixed once you are familiar with the boss encounters. Warriors have zero issue with utilizing their edge on bosses. Nothing about warrior is "unplayable".
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