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A question for guild leaders

I am curious, do you reward your top participating guild members in any way? The ones that reliably and consistently complete the daily guild quest or do you feel the dungeon rewards and vanguard rewards are sufficient compensation? Thanks in advance for all honest answers/opinions.


  • voidyvoidy ✭✭✭✭✭
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    Hi, I'm currently in charge of a guild on my server.

    The problem with "rewards" is that the game itself doesn't give a way to, say, dish out guild funds in accordance with account-wide contribution. In other words, guild compensation is always an even split, so everyone -- even the people who log in and just sit there -- get the same amount of money. I wish this could be changed, because my guild does have someone who levels alts a lot and does guild quests and short of giving them a unique ranking title and being grateful for their help and giving their opinions more weight in how we spend our guild skill points, there's nothing else I can really do. It doesn't help that I'm constantly poor from gear enchanting. We've (that is, myself and other guild officers) have done events using our own items as prizes, but those don't really prioritize people based on guild contribution. I try to just give out guild funds as frequently as possible. But even there, people just laugh because the amount is almost nothing. GMs get a little more than everyone else from that, which I think is idiotic, so I don't even keep the GM contribution money, I just put it in the guild bank so others can use it if they're in a bind or something. Perhaps I could give that share to the top contributer(s), but then there's the issue that it's more than one perseon contributing to the guild's success, and the amount I get as GM is barely 1k, so as soon as I split it into 2 shares the amount becomes even more insulting than the lump sum. Even the lump sum is so bad. You get 1k for just existing nowadays.

    An even bigger problem is that beyond a certain point, there's absolutely no point in leveling up one's guild short of [filtered]-waving. My guild's in the top 10 right now, but we don't see any reward for it. If we got like, a 50k gold boost to our guild treasury for being a high ranked guild, then hell yeah I'd cut that up and give it to the people who got us there. If I got a sum just for being GM, I'd devote it to rewarding people in the guild (though I doubt this would be the case in every guild). But as it stands, the game barely rewards me for the guild's progress, so any reward I'd give would have to come out of pocket if it were a material thing. I've tried to make myself as available for helping with dungeons and things as possible, but even that's [filtered] burning me out if we're being honest, especially with leaderboards being mega-ultra-cancer and tbh I need a break. But that's off topic ranting.

    So yeah, idk. It's definitely a problem. A simple solution would be to just implement a contribution based compensation system and then make guild quests reward more gold since it hasn't been adjusted in a while. Under this system, guild funds could be distributed appropriately and people who spend more time advancing the guild can feel like they're getting genuine compensation. Also establish a fund where an EME GM gives me free costumes in the mail so I can, uhm, share them with my guildmates, yeah.

  • Thank you very much for your time and your answer they are both appreciated. I am currently a top officer in a guild with around 100 members give or take but only about 10-12 of us are actually reliable enough to finish the GQs daily and that puts more pressure than needed on those members including myself which leads to getting burned out and ultimately looking for greener grass, which many of our good contributors have done. I also agree that EME should implement some sort of rewards program/system so the people who choose not to participate aren't receiving the same funds or whatever it may be as the others. Again thanks a bunch for your time!!!
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