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    I agree that there is a million ways to notify us and they didn't, the in-game mail system would be brilliant but they never use it.

    And, I definitely think we're allowed to compared EME with Gameforge, but that's just opinion.

    two game publishers that publish the same game for different regions should be comparable

    Excluding region specific items and localised events (NA has no localised events by the way, they're all default events that are shipped to all builds), all the builds outside of Korea are the same, except for a few configuration flags for languages, so yeah, it is fair to compare them, because it's the same product for each publisher to use.

    And many of us called out the issues that were going to come from leaderboards when they came out in KTERA, but of course, because it was in KTERA, no-one really flapped about it.
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    @ElinUsagi I WOULD take your opinion if I did not know the background of tera and the relationship between the community, EME, and BHS.
    This has been an ongoing issue for ages as you might know, and that is fine, really. What isn't fine is how absurd the situation itself is. Players are FIGHTING SO HARD for answers constantly for at least a week and the response is based on a yes/no response. I agree there are communication problems but that is not how I view the situation after looking at so many players CONSTANTLY pinging EME staff with no reply absolutely at all.
    I see it as pure ignorance and a company way of saying (F. U.) we don't care until the problem arises/procrastination. If only you've known how much people wanted a simple response and been trying to get a reply for so many days ElinUsagi.

    People are going not waiting around passively for an answer if an accident or a problem arises again. Players are DELIBERATELY going up to EME faces asking for any statement PLEASE with not a single confirmation with any reply of any form. Even a "we don't know if the actual date will be real" will at least be any response so we get information.

    We aren't protesting or anything, this is just a statement. If an ingame issue like this has been repeatedly addressed to EME via server and individual for week(s) with 0 responses I think that really gives a blanket idea what is going on with the game/staff overall.

    I think I could be considered a dedicated player and I do know that what I've said can be considered whiny, but that really is how absurd the situation is when people wave flags under your nose and they choose not to bother to look. I have spent money on the game and the result of how they will deal with this issue at the end of the day will determine my stay as a player and as a supporter from purchasing EMP. I AM still hoping that they find a way to fix this and somehow mend the problem(and it is a problem)
  • TRJW74JM9TTRJW74JM9T Brasil
    aaaaaaand... it happened.. i was rank1 and from nothing a brawler with 4 points more than me appeared...
    I just lost my mask because of an error that is not even mine... what can we do now, @KitTeaCup ?
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