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Chibi Commissions

Hey! I just got back into TERA again, sort of. I’m now open for commissions of female characters (Elin, Human, High Elf, Castanic). I kind of want to start saving up money for the future since I’m basically an adult now, so yeah.

Full color: $25 per character

If you’d like a commission, message me on discord and give me several screenshots of the character you’d like done. If you want them in a different outfit that isn’t a costume, give me a picture of that.


I can’t draw heavy armor / complicated weapons
Tell me what pose you’d like.
I require payment before I begin.
The picture will be transparent, and 1240x2500.

Find me on…

Discord: moa#1200
Tera: Amarana, Ryxi, Zaloura [Fey Forest]
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