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Changing TERA from Unreal Engine 3 to Unreal Engine 4



  • I fully 100% support this.
  • @Kirasaka At the end of the day, it doesn't hurt to try, right?
  • VinyltailsVinyltails ✭✭✭✭
    @ Kirasaka At the end of the day, it doesn't hurt to try, right?

    As long as you're not expecting or hoping for change cause the chance of it is 0, unless a Korean suggested it otherwise you're just letting yourself down
    You're right, and I love TERA. Loved it for many, many years. No harm in trying, even if it doesn't bring any change, at least we can say we gave it a shot. Right?
  • VinyltailsVinyltails ✭✭✭✭
    @ M6KPMHHLR3
    You're right, and I love TERA. Loved it for many, many years. No harm in trying, even if it doesn't bring any change, at least we can say we gave it a shot. Right?

    In the end, it's just another thread to meet the weekly "stuff we need but ignored by bhs" quota we seem to have
  • > @Kirasaka said:
    > TheSarumonin wrote: »
    > > @M6KPMHHLR3 said:
    > > This is never going to happen, this has been asked many times before, they will never do it, they do not care about quality only money.
    > >
    > > Their newest mmo is on UE3 and -has optimization issues in its own hype trailer-.
    > >
    > > Do the math.
    > You're absolutely correct. However, if we all unite as a community and speak out in support about, about what we - the consumer, wants.... - we can possibly make a difference. Also, A:IR was started about a year or two after Tera released. It makes sense why it's that engine. Should upgrade it but, yeah... Who knows?
    > Let me just think of all the times that 'we the community' have spoken out about in the past 2 years, each of these points I list nothing has been done about them.
    > Forsaken Island Hard Mode being delayed on NA by 4 months.
    > Neon Mongos event giving far too much, 2+ years later now and I still have 500 smart dyad structures left.
    > Dragons being announced as an ingame mount from grinding for tokens and then being changed to cash store only because thats how Bluehole wanted it.
    > Noesis writing intentionally vague patch notes so that we could 'find out for ourselves by playing'.
    > The 3rd party program drama, the developers labelling anyone who even so much as made tweaks to their files to make the game run better into the same basket as people who were exploiting the game.
    > EME doing a boss spawn event open world just to try stress the servers and admitting after the event that was the reason for the event. (servers crashed non stop during this).
    > The memeslash situation, we begged for EME and bluehole to do something about this when they finally did after 3 months the patch lasted 5 minutes because it was so poorly coded.
    > Enmasse leaking the conversion rates to a certain group of players when the gear revamp happened. EME said they would take action against those that exploited the information, they never did take any action.
    > No christmas event at all in 2017, people asked for 30 days straight where it was, on new years we got a double drop because a community manager from another eme game gave it to us, tera staff completely ignored us.
    > Strongbox events giving massive amounts of golden talents whilst the ingame methods gave very small amounts. Basically a p2w event which they ran 2 or 3 times before removing strongbox events permanently.
    > The anniversary event basically being just a cash store sale.
    > Removing all the contents of the cash store so they could have a daily deals system to try make us buy stuff because its unknown when it will return.
    > The xigncode drama, adding xigncode to the game when its a totally inefective anti cheat. They didnt announce it and totally ignored the privacy concerns people had.
    > Leaderboards having their rewards removed because a small group of people were exploiting, punishing the community as a whole instead.
    > Leaderboards ending on the ingame UI but then they didnt end and eme said after the season was meant to end that it had been extended to the 14th because thats when the patch was.
    > $80 character bound mounts coming to the store.
    > Talent system finally coming to NA 3 years after release in korea but we have to grind from 0 points and start 3 years behind because the koreans didnt want to let us have a system that the classes are balanced around.
    > Bluehole copying optimizations from a 3rd party program that they themselves have labelled as a hack tool. (turn off other players skill effects etc) they should make their own optimizations not copy off other people's work.
    > The new gear costing 1 million gold PER ATTEMPT. (hasnt reached na yet but probably will in october)
    > So please tell me how uniting as a community and speaking up about getting unreal engine 4 is actually going to work when they haven't listened to anything in the game's history. Unreal Engine 4 port will never happen. Tera makes $2 million a year, pubg made $1 billion last year. They obviously dont care about us anymore.

    Thank you, this is what i was looking for when i joined this friggin game. A track record that shows whether or not the game is worth the time/money investment. I will immediately be suspending all play and will delete it from my PS4 when I'm done writing this message.

    Ah well thanks for the month of fun BH/Enmasse and sorry you wasted your whole opportunity to be successful in the console MMORPG market. FFXIV is my next appointment.

    Consider this my resignation.

    - Nex
  • Forget.
    This game just entered miliking mode till it die completly.
    Current tera is just a shade of good old times.
  • Please enmase/bluehole invest in migrating to UE 4
  • SarumoninSarumonin ✭✭✭
    edited August 2018
    > @EliteHunterZeroX said:
    > Please enmase/bluehole invest in migrating to UE 4

    > @EliteHunterZeroX said:
    > Please enmase/bluehole invest in migrating to UE 4

    Even if it takes a year or 2, to even get a response from Bluehole stating that they will in fact be doing this, eventually? Is more than enough. It's a push forward. I'm not asking for an immediate fix, or an immediate upgrade. That's absurd. I'd just like to hope that the game can improve even more for more years to come.

    Yes, so many years have players asked for fixes and changes, with no result. But I argue, that if you're still on this forum, knowing full well of the past of the developers and TERA, and you're still playing, then a little part of you - even if it's so tiny you can't even see it - perhaps still holds hope for some change.

    I appreciate everyone's comments, and I understand the frustrations. I'm not at all stating that in the past you guys didn't try enough, nor am I trying to undermine the efforts of those who have indeed tried but have received no official response.

    I am simply adding to the list of pleas, and with hopes that the community will back me up and let it be seen. Maybe I'm asking too much, and maybe people have just given up hope and just don't want to try anymore. But I ask, if we don't keep trying, then why even continue playing?

    Stay positive friends. Realistic, yes - but positive nevertheless. You never know what's on the horizon.
  • I'm with Saru on this guys don't give up trying to change the game... If people just gave up on everything even when it seems impossible a lot of people wouldn't be who or what they are in life. I believe that most companies care about what their customers want like Blizzard has always been one of my favorites and been playing their games since I was 12 and I'm 32 now, I stick with them because they know how to listen to people feedback on their games. I believe that this could make a huge difference and the game could blow up again if they implemented this sooner rather than later. Great idea Saru!
  • I support the recommendation to upgrade the game to Unreal Engine 4. On Melkatran, we already had overpopulation issues, but with the server merge I am normally automatically put on channel 1 when I go into a heavily populated area, and it takes a WHILE for the graphics to load, and I am sitting there waiting for a while, before I can even go into the menu to switch channels. I have a great cable internet connection, and I am on an Xbox One X, so I can't even imagine the kind of lag for people with slower internet and/or an Xbox with less processing and graphics power. I am a solo player, so I can't do the level 65 dungeons, but I am sure it MUST be a lagging nightmare from what has been described and just from the lag I get from going into normal areas with a lot of players.
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