Items Returning to Store (9/10/2018)

Here's a list of items that have been returned to the TERA PC store:

Lucky Cat Carrier
Blackguards Tool Kit
Dressy Asian Box
Shadowlaced Loot Box
Ladies Night Loot Box (Females Only)
Chromaplasm Weapon Skin Loot Box
Picnic Party Loot Box (Females Only)
Summer Social Loot Box (Females Only)
Avenging Angel Loot Box
Guardian Angel Loot Box
Dress For Success Loot Box
Black Box
Kitty Box
Heros Cape Box
Pet Food Box
Elleons Nobility Box
Dyeable SWAT Locker
Sultan Llama Box
Bellbottom Llama Box
Drama Llama Box
Powderpuff Llama Box
Hail HYDRATH Loot Box
Dire Crimson Loot Box
Foreboding Purple Loot Box
Shocking Green Loot Box
Electric Blue Loot Box
Technicolor Yawn Box
True Ultimate Elin Elite Box
Cocktail Dress Bundle (Females Only)
Party Dress Bundle (Females Only)
Green Cloche (Females Only)
Red Ribbon Boater (Females Only)
Red Cloche (Females Only)
Garden Party Smart Box (Females Only)
White Wings
Black Wings
Rogues Mask
Bony Visage
Rogues Half Mantle
Rogues Hood
Rogues Garb
Legitimate Business Costume Box
Bloodshadow Ninja Costume Box
Hatless Hatter Costume Box
Asian Silk Dress
Tea Party Accessory (Permanent)
Cheshire Cat Costume and Tea Party Accessory Box
Notes by Dolme (Permanent, Hair Slot)
Black Sun Visor (Permanent, Hair Slot)
Yellow Sun Visor (Permanent, Hair Slot)
Pink Sun Visor (Permanent, Hair Slot)
Commanders Cape (Permanent, Back Slot)
Veterans Cape (Permanent, Back Slot)
Captains Cape (Permanent, Back Slot)
Officers Cape (Permanent, Back Slot)
Spun Sugar Wings (Permanent, Back Slot)
White Butterfly Wings (Permanent, Animated, Back Slot)
Azure Butterfly Wings (Permanent, Animated, Back Slot)
Monarch Wings (Permanent, Animated, Back Slot)
Pet Litter Bundle
Pet: Prince
Pet: Carnivorous Plant
Pet: Rambo
Pocket Popo Party Pack
Noblesse Smart Box
Light Fifty Sniper Rifle (Back Slot)
SWAT Cap (Hair Slot)
Tac-Ops Mask (Hair Slot)
SWAT Uniform
Clive (Permanent Character Mount)
Clive (Permanent Account Mount)
Prue (Permanent Character Mount)
Prue (Permanent Account Mount)
Andy (Permanent Character Mount)
Andy (Permanent Account Mount)
Baby (Permanent Character Mount)
Baby (Permanent Account Mount)
Astor (Permanent Account Mount)
Lenox (Permanent Account Mount)
Boreas (Permanent Account Mount)
Sirocco (Permanent Account Mount)
Zephyr (Permanent Account Mount)
HYDRATH-Black Beret (Hair Slot)
HYDRATH-Red Beret (Hair Slot)
HYDRATH-Black Cap (Hair Slot)
HYDRATH-Blue Cap (Hair Slot)
HYDRATH-Red Coat (Back Slot)
HYDRATH-Black Coat (Back Slot)
HYDRATH-Blue Coat (Back Slot)
Grand HYDRATH Smart Box
Plasma Weapon Loot Box
Red Plasma Smart Box
Purple Plasma Smart Box
Green Plasma Smart Box
Blue Plasma Smart Box
Happy Star Cloud (Hair Slot)
Angry Little Cloud (Hair Slot)
Rogues Weapon Smart Box
Steam-Powered Pack
Accessorize Pack
Ultimate Power Accessory Box
Nightfall Ninjagi Smart Box and Accessory
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