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Hello, my name is Matheus, I play Warrior. I come here to present my little work! For you guys who play with the character, I'm pve warrior, I do not like pvp.

1 - Let's start with Attributes: (Attack) Important Attribute to Dps, Increases Damage. However, Do not expect too much, This Attribute Is Based On Power! is Mainly combined. It means that to ensure more Damage needs power as it increases considerably and ensures good damage

2 - (Attack Speed): Nice attribute, you have 120 which is the basic value. When added to the Second Value, Bonus Value, you have good speed of throwing skills

For example, if your Bonus value is 30, you have 30% speed. you have etch support, crystals, effects of the equipment.

His spin has the traverse, evasive and Death from Above. The 3 grants speed bonus, but death and Evasive do not combine the effects. OK. remember. Death and Evasive, are two Skills working together! Death Giph gives 50% chance to activate atq speed. the evasive 30% giph means that if one fails the other saves

Traverse Cut offers 11.7% attack speed. When combined with Death or Evasive, you have 26.7%.

Boot attack speed does not have a good role. So do not worry. this will be discussed later.

3 - (Critical Factor) This Attribute is responsible for its critics. the higher the value, the greater the chance to criticize. there are two basic version and bonus, The two combine, but Bonus version, has assault stance support. when assault is active, Bonus Version Receives Points. for beginners this Attribute is good, but you do not have many options, To get critical you need Assault Stance, in the beginning there will not be so many options, Except when you go up level. in my warrior my critical bonus is 32, with the help of the equipment I can get critical. But still I can go wrong, For example, if I hit 2 critical the next ones may not be. However, do not worry, you already have a guaranteed critic. and also, since there are relics of weapons, they will be very useful, so if you find, complete. I did dungeon loki bastion, solo, but I used the relic of the dungeon, and it helped me. Repeat, the higher the points here, the better the result, but my warrior in lvl 65 has 203 factor, with the help of the giph, skill, I get good critics, but if I decide to reduce The chance drops a bit, but I will still continue with support and criticism, before going down points here, see how critical you lose.
this attribute is ideal, so low lvl is very useful.

4 - Balance: This attribute is what keeps the warrior standing, avoids knockdown, however. even in High value the chance to fall. because this attribute depends on the amount of monsters / attacks / skills and the balance factor. means that the balance factor is more powerful, say you have 59917 of basic balance and +60 of basic balance factor and +10 of bonus, chance of falling is average. but, you can still fall. means that the factor is more powerful.

5 - Critical Power: You Must Understand this Attribute, Multiply Damage, but Require Some Requirements to Work. It depends on the chance \ times \ the amount of monsters and Time. What's the use of time? It's the time you have to cast skill within time, to make it work. has no cooldown when launching
the first skill, you trigger the time. about multiplication, it depends on the damage of your skill, if you already draw 1million on the blade draw, you can get 2 million. It means that this attribute also has brightness.

6 - Crit Resist Factor: This is a useful Attribute when you need to take less critical of the opponent. If monster is beating Critics at you often, focusing here will soften, in addition to defending against Damage absurd

It is an Attribute on this item.

7 - Impact: Impact is a good Attribute, to ensure that the opponent is knocked over. but it depends on the monster's value / level and especially the impact factor. means that the odds change according to the value / level of the monster. so if you want to take down without scythe, you need that attribute. useful for low lvl.

These are the Attributes I present to you. Then I bring others.
Mini Beginners Guide (Warrior / dps / combos / tips)
The monsters in the Beginning are weak, you have support of the hp and mp bars, they will drop frequently and will serve you a lot. If you use combative strike frequently, in the skill frames put this sequence (Combative> Combo Attack> Evasive). Obviously it's up to you. in lvl 4 you release rising fury, so your spin can be changed. warrior is a very amazing class, the skills part is without limitation. this if you still have mp haha. with warrior, you have several combos, here will show a combo of examples. (Rising Fury> Combative> Evasive> Combo Attack) This combo is good if you want to save mp, time, and attack from behind. One note is that Rising reduces 20% of damage taken, so if you want to reduce the damage initially, the combo would be that (Combative> Evasive> Rising Fury), using this combo you can attack 2 times with Rising quietly. Evasive Roll is an animation canceller, less on death from above, because death makes you stay on the air for a while. When you reach lvl 7 you have the poison blade, but the poison damage is useless, so ignore it. When you reach lvl 8 you unlock the Traverse Cut, this is where the spin is upgraded. as some know, traverse grants atq speed, so you need it in any circumstance. its rotation would be like this (Rising> Combative> Traverse> Evasive). More like I said before, all rotation is at your discretion. some players exhibit with this spin but do not know that it is not perfect because it excludes a good damage reduction bonus. ie for me a good spin has to take advantage of good features, while some want to be fast, you want to take less damage. you do not have to be faster to kill, you do not win in the Olympics because of that. instead of the old combo, you can change to (Rising '' Evasive> Combative> Traverse twice). you can not always apply these combos because of the cooldown and the monster mainly.

Mini Beginners Guide (Warrior / dps / combos / Tips) part 2.
When unlocking Charging Slash, the rotation can be changed. moreover, charging moves you forward and strikes the monster, in addition to locking it. in this case, you have other combos. an example is (Charging> Traverse> Evasive> Combative> Rising). or (Charging> Traverse> Evasive> Rising> Combative). the potential of combos is the casting time and the bonuses. that is, when using the first combo you have to use Rising only once, losing 20% ​​damage reduction. When releasing blade draw, you have two options recommended by me. the first one is (Charging> Traverse> Blade> Combative>) As I said before, combos have potential. the first with less damage, the second is faster. it's up to you to choose. When unlocking rain of blow, once again you have to manage the rotation. it is possible to maintain the same rotation and modify, for example, combative strike requires hp, so in that part rain of blow has its brightness. because in low lvl you can put rain in the combative place. reaching level 20 you unlock giph, then you activate giph which reduces hp consumption by 50% of combative. which means you can embrace the combative. as you already know, now you have two options, less damage or faster. these are the combos (Charging> Traverse> Blade> Rain> Evasive> Rising). or (Charging> Traverse> Blade> Rising> Rain> Evasive). When you finally get to lvl 20, you unlock scythe. at that point you want to address the situation by the fact that not only does the rotation change, but you also have giph support. it is at that moment that you kiss the combative, in case you want to reduce the consumption of hp by 50%. and also, you have your most powerful skill in the damage deal. however, you still do not reach 10 edge, so just put scythe in the spin if you want to deal with large amount of monster.

Mini Beginner's Guide (Warrior / Dps / Skills / Tips from giph lvl 20.)
You arrived on lvl 20 and still have not thought about what to focus on. I'm here to help or try. you have between two great giph, carving blade draw or empowered rain of blow. you have already spent points on combative, rain giph increases damage by 25%, the Blade Draw has chance criticize. at low level your critical factor is small, but with assault you have a legal chance to criticize. because its base factor is 52, combining with assault is 83. so in my opinion I recommend empowered of rain. When launching critical, you have more damage in the rain.

Mini Starter Guide (Warrior / Dps / Skills and Giphs).
Evasive Roll / Swift Evasive Roll. 30% chance to increase atk speed by 15%. This Giph is good for its rotation, but it is only 30%, for who kills without problems means that little uses the evasive, but for you initially is very beautiful. it is recommended that you activate this giph. do not forget that this giph is 30%, while death above is 50, so if that fails, death saves. Affirmative Evasive Roll. is not a bad giph, but only reduces by 100 the expense of re. It's up to you.

Death From Above / Swift Death From Above. is a very beautiful giph, 50% chance to increase the speed of atq by 15%. this giph matches with the evasive, if the evasive fails, that saves.

Poison Blade / Do not recommend spending points here.

Combative Strike / Sanative Combative Strike. essential, as you know, reduces by 50% the consumption of HP.

Rain of Blow / Empowered Rain of Blows. Increases damage by 25%, plus the fact that rain has considerable damage. This giph is very good.
Charging Slash / Energetic Charging Slash. decreases cooldown by 25%. this giph is not so good for you, because the cooldown of cs is small. but it is up to you.
Rising Fury / I will not talk about this because the giph's are not good.

Vortex Slash / Empowered Vortex Slash. It is good when you use the vortex to achieve scythe.

Deadly Gamble / Lingering Deadly Gamble. It's a great giph, increases the duration of the effect by 20%.
Energetic Deadly Gamble / This giph is important to you, decreases cooldown considerably. Deadly can only be used after 2 minutes. somewhat delayed.

Cascade Stuns / I will not discuss here because why I do not use this.

Backstab / Backstab is one of my favorite skills, I feel like using a ninja. as some know, the skill throws you behind the opponent and leaves you stunned. that is, if you need to stun the enemy any longer, you need giph. Lingering Backstab. next to this giph is the cooldown reduction. Backstab is a great skill. generates 1 edge, 2 with giph. is useful for carrying out attacks from behind. it is here that you take advantage of the crit bonus.

Staggering Counter / I will not talk about it. I do not use the skill.

Smoke Aggressor / This skill is a lifesaver, as well as fun, this skill invokes a shadow. you can enjoy the distraction. however, spend hp, so beware. put giph points here if you use them often.

Scythe Carving Scythe is your bazooka, doubles the chance to criticize, which means you have a good chance to criticize in the scythe. spend giph here only when you already reach 10 edge.

Pounce / Hastened Pounce. It's a cute giph, makes you throw the pounce faster. is ideal when the pounce is in its rotation.

Traverse Cut / Lingering Traverse Cut. is great for increasing the duration of the effect. Brilliant Traverse Cut. good for reducing mp cost.

Blade draw / Empowered Blade Draw. Beautiful giph for increased blade damage. Brilliant Blade Draw. good for reducing mp cost. Persistent Blade Draw. no doubt you want that giph. Carving Blade Draw. good, but just put points here if you miss critical in bd. the next giph blade does generate 2 edge. Very good giph.

Reapin Slash / Do not recommend spending here.

Mini Starter Guide (Warrior / dps / Skill Assaul Stance).
By releasing assault you have a chance to criticize, but the chance does not guarantee it to be successful. because you have little critical factor. but, this skill is what makes warrior a good killer, at first chances are low, then you see great result. do not worry, according to your evolution you will benefit from the skill.

Mini Beginner's Guide (Warrior / Dps / Edge / Skill)
As some know, the goal is to reach the 10 or 11 edge with the best skiils in order to achieve scythe. but the edge-generating abilities are just those (Death> Poison> Charging> Combative> Rising> Backstab> Blade> Reaping> Rain of Blows). uniting all, you only get to 10 edge, but, the skills have secrets. besides the secrets, giphs, the blade draw has a giph that does generate 2 edge. with deadly active gamble, blade generates 4. this information is from the essential mana. Rain of blows generates 2 edge with deadly active. poison blade generates 2 edge with noctenium. however you need to spend with noctenium. according to essential mana, this list here makes you gain more edges.
- Barra de carregamento → Blade Draw (3 Edge)
- Vortex Slash → Blade Draw (2 Edge)
- Greve Combativa → Corte de Travessia → Desenho de Lâmina (3 Arestas)
- Lâmina Venenosa (2 Bordas)
- Fúria Crescente → Blade Draw (3 Edge)
- Greve Combativa → Chuva de Golpes → (Reaping Slash) (2 ou 3 Edge)
- Greve Combativa → Lâmina Venenosa (3 Bordas)
- Strike Combative → Reaping Slash (2 Edge)
- Cascata de Atordoamento → Chuva de Golpes (1 Borda)

So take that list into consideration. with her help, you reach the edge 11. But do not forget, later you unlock the giph of bd, which makes the skill generate + 1 edge, being 2 edge. and also the backstab giph.
(Special tip for Warrior / Dps / loki bastion instance).
When you are instance bastion loki, you can go solo, so you will need pot hp / mp. a boss of bastion loki is pretty annoying, he stays healing, so it's good for you to perform better. You obviously need a battle solution. other consumables are welcome. In the instance I used sanguine cuirass, I'm going to talk about the attributes. / max mp ratios, util to increase mp. / Depects damage from bosses by4%, is very good for boss damage reduction, and you gain + 4% to refine to + 9. / Decreases damage taken while knockdown by4.5%. util./Decreases damage taken from enraged monsters by6%, nice attribute. even more when the boss is constantly furious. /Decreases damage from minions by 4.5%. good against minions.

Gloves of the Vulcan / an example for you that needs crit and power. obviously the bonus will be bigger with other gloves and other equipment, but as warrior only uses leather, it means that you need to upar.

Boot / I'll speak a good attribute, increases resistance to knockdown and stager from boss attack by 30%. Sincerely, thank God that there is this effect, it is very good when you suffer from boss knockdown.

(Consumables / Warrior / Pve / Bosses).
Potions hp.
Mana potions.
Battle solution.
Feather Light Potion. bom quando você está caindo.
Half Moon Croquette
Lamb Bulgogi
Sarberry Delicousness
Struthio Breast Salad
(Etch / Warrior / Pve / Bosses)
Pumped / Use on any occasion.
Energetic / Use for attack speed.
Keen / Only use if your critic is not good

(Arms Crystals) - Pounding - Focused - Bitter)
(Armor Crystals) - Hardy - Anarchie)
(Accessory Crystals) In this part you get confused from which to choose. 3 good options for your dps, but it depends on the current result of your rotation. for example, if you often throw criticism but have low damage, get 4 powerfull. now if you have power but little criticism, get the keen. but remember that you can pick up more power in other options, so if you want to set up at good speed, put swift.

Tera / Tips / Combos / Weapons / Quests

Quests> Strongly recommend that you do your main quests without postponing or jumping, for example, if you have a lvl 18 and 20 quest, make lvl 18, you guarantee + xp.

Weapons> Relics. always complete these relics, you receive considerable bonus, which will make a difference. I used them up to lvl 65.

Vanguard> Without delays, you need to do, offers xp, items, consumable, weapon crystals and armor. alias, are items that help a lot.

Dungeons> Do I really need to talk? very exp. drops etc. do not forget the previous ones, when I arrived in lvl 64 i found quests which gave a lot of xp.
Mini guide to warrior / dps / attack speed.
First of all I want to emphasize that I never use the calculator, because regardless of your calculation, you will be left behind. example, when using 2 shadow gate rings and 1 shadow gate earring, you have 4% atk speed. to confirm this, open your status window and see your atk speed bonus. when you activate the shadow gate necklace, you see that it grants 6% speed bonus, but when activating, you see that in your window appears 7. if you use the 2 rings, the necklace gets 1 point more. When you combine the same equipment, you get more bonuses than expected. cool huh.

Now, let's test and sample the speed of atq in your spin without being just the bonus of your skills and skills. I'm using 4 swift crystals, energetic etch in my glove and the effects / bonuses of the equipment. my speed is 30, with traverse cut 41, with evasive giph or death 56. now, see the result. (With traverse my speed is cool, now with the effect of the giph, the speed is beautiful.This means that the crystals are good, even more with support of etch, skills and equipment.as already discussed, speed is not the responsible for a good spin, but if you seek to launch skills faster, speed is your friend, and moreover, dps is damage per second, which means that speed is very effective.after you can get better etch / swift. but if you face problems with criticism or power, remember that there is keen and powerfull.
(Final guide to warrior / dps / pve / tips> combos> edge)
1-combo. for you to have a good combo, you need to understand the potential of each skill, launch time and performance. the cool thing is that you can analyze the battle and manage its construction.
I'll give examples> in lvl 65 I use (Charging> Traverse> Blade> Combative> Death> Poison> Backstab> Rising + Blade> Scythe). I use this combo in normal monsters. has two potential, launch time and more edge. as rising + blade generates 3 edge, in this combo you guarantee the arrival at 11 edge.

Next example is a combo I used in boss. is important combo, different combos have different results, regardless of modality. see this combo (Pounce> Traverse> Blade> Rising> '' hit only once on Combative> Death> Poison> Backstab> Charging + Blade> Scythe). this combo also has two potential, speed and edge, but you lose bonuses. It's up to you.

(Tips / Combos / Time)
In this part I will present combos and talk about advantages, disadvantages and consequences.
Next, I'll show you combos you need to know. it's possible to keep the same rotation and modify, that's pretty cool
1 - Combo (Pounce> Traverse> Blade> Rising> Combative> Death> Backstab> poison> scythe). disadvantage> need gold for noctenium if you do not have +1 edge on blade or backstab yet. you hit the edge 10, but not the 11. Another downside. the combo has a good speed, not bad, poison is fast.

2 - Combo> (Pounce> Traverse> Blade> Combative> Death> Poison> Backstab> Rising + blade> Scythe). This combo also has a cool speed, but the combative can be canceled with death when you use reaping, but still you get a little slow. and this combo also only reaches 10 edge. however, if you want to use it to see the difference between the combos that arrives at edge 11, use and test.

Special Tip: Reaping, Backstab or other stun skill does not seem to work on bosses other than the bosses you faced or face on major quests or other special occasions. then research, explore and study this, because for example, if you try to stun a boss in instances, see the result.

I spent two days and 20 hours to finish and translate this simple work with the intention of helping you. I did all this based on what I learned, tested and trained. I play solo, so I'm a serious player, without friendship and relationship. I hope this helps you. feel free to present something better or superior. I am Brazilian. My name in the game is Mathlightwhite.


  • Traverse cut currently reduces enemy endurance not increases team attack speed. Most of the info presented is based on future warriors not current console release warriors
  • MathThewusMathThewus Brazilian ✭✭
    Thanks for the info! will help the post!
  • MathThewusMathThewus Brazilian ✭✭
    edited September 2018
    Updating the guide.
    Stunning construction / skills / combo / tips / crystals / etch

    Today I bring to you the building stun. you should already know about the build mobilize, so I'm presented a new combo.
    1: '' Good points '':
    Good for upar /
    Good for large number of monsters /
    Good for launching skill /
    Among others.
    If you are looking for a fun construction, you are in the right place. To build this combo you need 3 abilities, backstab> Cascade of stun> Reaping

    I recommend using cascade when you launch backstab. the time of stunning is rewarding. but this is at your discretion.

    Example of combo:
    Backstab> Traverse> Blade> Combative> Charging> Death> Vortex + Blade draw.

    Comb explanation: The above combo gives you an early lead. you will be able to stun 3 times, 2 in the backstab and 1 in the combative, during this process you can reach the 11 edge.

    Hint: This combo is recommended in battle against normal monsters or quest boss / special mission. I did not test in normal boss, so if you want to test, go ahead.

    Second tip: atq speed is welcome in the build, because you will launch 3 stun skill and two iframe, so this will cost time. however you have evasive, so if you want to use evasive roll, you can substitute for speed. but remember that you will face quantities of monsters, so you have to address this.

    Etch: I recommend using the speed etch on the sleeve of your set. I also recommend using swift crystal. if you want a more perfect construction, I recommend quick carve. in general, I indicate pick up speed.

    This construction showed good results, according to my experience. I tested the construction with weak items, but on lvl 65 monsters you need to think twice.
    Anyway, that's all. I hope it works for you.
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