Question: Is it possible to take over a guild?

Hello everyone
I just came back to the game and I was wondering if its possible to take over a guild since the guild master did not login for over 5 years?

Thank you


  • That sounds like something you'd want a support ticket for.

    If you meant if there is an in-game mechanic for it, then no. The merge might have your current gm deleted since they haven't come on for a while.

    Why would you like to take over a guild with a gm that's been missing for so long? It'd probably be better to make another guild entirely.
  • TsinTsin ✭✭✭
    There isn't anything you can do. Support won't do anything about it.
    You can disband the guild if there are only two people (yourself and the guild master) in the guild, and then re-create the guild using the same name, but that's about the only option.
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