PS4 damage meter

I will stop playing on PS4 and back to the PC, just because of DPS


  • No offense and I agree I wish there were damage meters on PS4 but regardless I don't think they are going to care if you quit PS4 and go back to PC Tera because either way they are still getting your money and time...
  • Why do you need a damage meter to play?

    Jut curious it seems that once WoW added the ability to do addons and people started to parse, and now they can't play games with out it. I played ff11, ff14, aion and WoW etc with out addons. And people didn't say anything about my damage.
  • While itd be nice your ultimatum is a literal non issue.

    Damage meters on console while they would put a ton of inflated egos on blast, would also cause a strong creation of parser elitism and kicking abuse.

    Its a double sided issue.
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