PS4 damage meter

I will stop playing on PS4 and back to the PC, just because of DPS


  • No offense and I agree I wish there were damage meters on PS4 but regardless I don't think they are going to care if you quit PS4 and go back to PC Tera because either way they are still getting your money and time...
  • Why do you need a damage meter to play?

    Jut curious it seems that once WoW added the ability to do addons and people started to parse, and now they can't play games with out it. I played ff11, ff14, aion and WoW etc with out addons. And people didn't say anything about my damage.
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    autohide huds while moving, and please also beautiful transitions, menu music for maps also great sound effects and animations.
  • Add the damage meter. Don’t use an excuse it creates elitism and toxicity when the game already has it and ur just turning a blind eye towards it. Nothing will prevent people from getting kicked lol you can tell if someone isn’t doing good dps at all it’ll be better though to actually see the numbers. I’m pretty sure most people would actually want to get better in dps if they see how poorly they do on pve but ya know.. trying to protect people from the truth
  • Smh on pc there is actually competition on dps trying to get better scores but here it’s like a watered down TERA with people who afraid to see a dps meter
    I totally support this DPS meter.. but more a individual 1. so you can see you're own DPS and not of others... I see a lot of people using blind skills and not optimizing there chars abilities. it will improve you're game style.

    besides either way people comparing damage output. especially in VC, it's funny
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