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Screenshot Daily! Forum

Hello everyone in the Tera online community,

My name is Moonpelt and, what I like to do in my spar time in Tera besides fighting, questing, and other stuff is explore all over the game taking amazing screenshots of the land and beauty of the game it's self. Many players normally just power level through the game and then stop playing or do other things when we should all take the time and breathe, see the amazing art/landscapes is around.

Now what I have done this last few week is taken my screenshots to the next level and added inspiration quotes from people ( not just players ) and put them on the pictures. Whether or not these quotes and screenshots of mine impact you, I hope it can at least bring some joy or wonder to your minds. Tell me what you think of these ones so far and if you have any suggestions or want to request one, let me know. ~Moonpelt











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