golden talents and silver talents , again ..

i realize there are alot of posts about this subject but i had to say my piece ( gotta keep repeating same issue until we get a solution it seems )
i know golden talents can be obtained through iod , bg , dungs , or w/e but
doing iod is not even worth the time u put into doing it like 16 boxes = 112 talents ( using all vanguard's )
it takes way too long
and dungs and bg's are not even worth it atm
also what about silver talents ,like i barely get any , and thats garbage
if they only made iod drop permanently 2 or 3 boxes instead of one boxes upon completion that'd be issue solved
and the price for golden talents on eu is 13g/each and on here 100g/each like what the [filtered] so buying is not even an option
if anyone has a suggestion do tell please .
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