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Connections Issues 6/15/2016 3:55pm PT



  • i dont know, eme like make a event, bam event, new dng ecc.. but before that maybe player is more happy just if u fix server for 1 time, last same issues 4 day ago i dont know.. since we are tired dude, with all respect realy fix.. we can continue without new dng, but we can't with this lag.. more friend think to go in eu why in na lag is amazing.. all run dng/bg u are just carryed, can make nothing..
  • EdlinEdlin ✭✭
    We can't play in this way.. i play from eu... my ms are usually 160-170. And now what? 4k ms or 10k.. I tried to run a fwc but i was dying because i'm not capable to press any skill or see what happens around me. In the worst case, game closes alone because high ping.
    I hope we can have a fast fix. It has been since last maint.
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    I play from eu also, my ping is normally 150, indicator shows my normal ping, but obviously my skills go slow and my reaction time is even slower than normal. In group pvp I die very fast, and yesterday almost killed all my party because I could not give heal in PvE.

    Please, we need a fix ;_;

    EDIT: Now I can't even connect to the server or loggin.
  • HW currently no dc but ping varying from 278ms~587ms
  • @Treeshark @Spacecats this mark the 1st day where i cant finish all characters dailies, so still no respond ????
    if the problem on our end or somethings else just reply any post or make an announcement, we will accept it~!!!!!
    seems like today going to be second days....welcome to tera online for afk...
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    well, time to play other games. CSGO got new case ~! time to play(at least there wont lag, and i can shoot the hell out of it)
    EDIT: holy almost forgot about the tournament~! FLIPSIDE
  • Getting disconnect from TERA due to connectivity issues now every 5-10 minutes. Seems the later it gets (4:30pm right now) the worse the connection. So my bet is still on a congested node...

    Need to find out where it is then make the networking companies reroute us through another node.
  • PIng spikes again.
  • can explain us something?.. @Spacecats @Treeshark
  • OtsunneOtsunne
    edited June 2016
    its the same routing [filtered] than last time it seems.... they couldn't fix it last time already, and it was 4 days long... American net is full [filtered]
  • I love how the news for the new weapon skin loot box ends with
    ...so don’t delay!
    Pretty funny considering the current situation.
  • Last days game has been unplayable, 3-4 secs of delay for every skill and even troubles logging in.. I'm starting to get tired
  • It just got a lot better at least for me. I was instantly able to log in again (good sign) and my skills are not delayed anymore. Anyone else? Hope it stays this way.
  • It just got a lot better at least for me. I was instantly able to log in again (good sign) and my skills are not delayed anymore. Anyone else? Hope it stays this way.

    Thx for info! I'll try to connect and check ping and skills usage.
  • Nevermind, lags are back now. At least I had half an hour of normal gameplay lol
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