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Connections Issues 6/15/2016 3:55pm PT



  • Yah, ping 4k again... 22 mins played normally :(
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    Sorry for the double post , but I wanted to share this video that I recorded before the game stop working completely for me. As you can see , sometimes it works fine, but the lag begins when there are characters using skills.

    There are players who lag has not affected them, why ;_;?

    EDIT: Sorry for the bad quality of the video, not in mood to render and [filtered]
  • this issue for me has been going on for a week...all those days with elite wasted ;-;
    once i log in its always at 500+ ms rather than my usual 260+ms '-'
  • And the issues from yesterday are back in spades! WTH???
  • the lag is a serious issue for me now. i can tolerate it to a certain point, but when i have traveled on horse for several minutes, out of one area and into a completely new zone, and suddenly the game spazzes and i show up back in the previous zone, nowhere near the exit, dead in the middle of a bunch of mobs that weren't there when i passed through the area... that pisses me off. a lot. especially when it breaks crystals, and is my only death aside from one tpk in a dungeon.
  • Finished DFNM and then ping started going crazy from 250-5k...
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    this issue for me has been going on for a week...all those days with elite wasted ;-;
    once i log in its always at 500+ ms rather than my usual 260+ms '-'

    This is exactly my predicament :| 30 day elite going to waste since it's always 500-900 ping and can't queue dungeons or battlegrounds and soloing IoD is s u icide. Even with a friend to duo it's still pretty impossible to stay alive or help my friend kill 20 bams @[email protected].
  • Tired... no pvp, no pve, wasting my 30days elite, only chat available.... this lag... really... why.. Q.Q
  • question of the day = is there still any hope for this game left ????
    last friday i when for holiday, and just back.
    i was hoping the server will be OK by the time got back from the trip.
    still freaking 400++ms....
    i never stop elite status since i played this game few month ago, looks like going to stop buying it.
    total waste of it when everyday for the past two weeks, only can do gathering dailies where only got minimal benefit from it....

    Tera- u used to be cool
    Tera- u used to be smooth
    Tera- u used to be fun
  • gg ping.. gg elite.. gg my life in tera... o:)
  • sorry... Tera or BHS or any of you who is in charge of the server, IT guy? I had been having this ping issue for at least a week now. My ping have been ranging from 500ms+ up to 2500ms+ by just standing there doing nothing. Don't tell me that ping issue is because of my internet problem, NO! I can stream multiple Youtube videos at 780p smoothly without problem.

    All my skills are delayed, even for walking, I can't play, I can't do my dailies. If you game providers like to ignore issues and proceed as usual... then don't do gaming, you're not fit for it!
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