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TERA 2016 Preview


Today we gave a sneak peek at some of the various game updates you can expect to see in TERA's future. See this news article:


Contents include:
  • Large Scale GvG Battles and New Guild Content
  • Super BAM Raids
  • Extensive Class Balancing
  • Future Dungeon: Castle of Lilith
  • Future Dungeon: Ruin of Rakelith
  • Improved Dungeon Experience
  • UI Streamlining

Give us your thoughts in this thread and please remember to stay on topic!

Update: 6-16-2016 10:09 AM

Below is a Q&A taken from the KR Nexon Site. Please note that this Q&A was conducted with KR players only. We wanted to translate and bring this to you all anyway because it's still TERA :). But now that the disclaimer is out of the way:

Class Balance Adjustments
Q : Sorcerers are strong in PvP. Are PvE enhancements going to enhance the PvP part further?
A : We are going to improve the part where it lacks DPS, but it will not affect PvP. Combined with the sorcerer’s skill effect and mechanical changes, players may even think its PvP is little worse than what it is now.

Q : Is the sorcerer the only class that’s being reworked? Are other existing classes going to be improved in this update?
A : There are improvements planned for all existing classes. However, these changes will be made in order of importance. Sorcerer will be updated first, then other existing classes will follow.

Q : When will the changes to the priest’s class balance arrive? And will there be any PvP changes?
A : When you try to fix all problems at once, you often end up with new problems. In order to prevent that, we will first try to fix those problems that are clearly identified, as soon as possible. And from now on, we will try to make these kinds of balancing adjustments more frequently. The earliest balancing changes to the priest should be implemented within a month.

Q : Regarding healer class changes, will it lean towards nerfing the mystic, or enhancing the priest?
A : It’s not about enhancing or nerfing, but creating balance between classes. During this process, changes that nerf or enhance can be made in tandem. For healer classes, we are thinking about adjusting the mystic’s stats first, and solve the priest’s buff-related problems next.

Q : It looks like there was an unannounced change made to the crit chance of the berserker’s Thunder Strike and the ninja’s Circle of Steel.
A : We’ve checked multiple times to just make sure, but could not find any changes. There was no nerfing (other than what we’d already changed), and we do not foresee any major ninja changes in the future. We have found that the ninja’s Circle of Steel is used less often, probably due to the changes from previous updates’ balancing process. We are planning to update the skill again to boost its utility, so that it’s used nearly as often as it was used before.

Q : Even though leveling zone dungeons are long and wide, berserkers do not have dash skills, which is very inconvenient. Also, it’s hard to get behind mobs and somewhat lacking in evasion skills. Do you have any plans to fix that?
A : Dungeons are designed to showcase the distinct styles of each class. The berserker’s role is to make powerful attacks while taking hits, but in actual practice, that’s not always the case, so improvement is clearly needed. We will also take it into consideration to improve the above inconveniences for all classes.

Q : Is there any chance the archer skill Velik’s Mark buff could be applied to all party members?
A : That is one of the things we are planning to improve for archer class.

Q : The reaper’s Retribution skill is lacking in power and evasion performance. Is there any chance its utility could be improved? Also, the brawler can cause location lag, and some players are exploiting this problem. Is this going to be fixed soon?
A : We are planning to fix these problems during the same update that fixes the problems with the archer class.

Q : Melee DPS classes have similar problems. Is there anything you can do to improve those classes?
A : The new dungeons being added have added features that put melee and ranged attacks at less of a disadvantage. Along those lines, we will use the update to improve the melee/range dps disadvantage inside existing dungeons in the long term.

Q : Do you have any plans to nerf ninja and brawler classes?
A : We do recognize that those two classes are not balanced, compared to existing classes. For balancing, we will try to fix and improve the class’s problems rather than directly nerfing the classes.

Q : Are you going to nerf ninja’s Fire Avalanche skill? There seems to be a lot of aspects of it that need bug fixes.
A : We are investigating those bugs. Instead of nerfing the ninja, we will try to adjust the balance of other DPS classes.

Q : Is large-scale GvG a battleground?
A : It will have a special field designed for the large-scale GvG.

Q : About the 30-person raid dungeon, will it have the same class roles as in existing dungeons?
A : There are things that are similar to existing dungeon play, and there are differences. It’s up to the players to identify those differences and build their strategies. But nothing has been finalized, so we are still in process of adjusting and changing.

Q : Will there be a new healer class?
A : There are plans for new classes, but none of them are healing classes.

Q : What is the race of the new class?
A : Nothing’s been finalized as of yet.

Q : Is there a plan to increase the level cap?
A : We are not considering that for this update.

Q : The TERA official home page has very little information about classes, lore, and etc.
A : We want to apologize about this website update being delayed. We will update the class pages as soon as possible.

Q : Will future updates focus on the addition of new content, or complementing existing content?
A : Until now, updates were mainly focused on new content. However, starting from the large-scale GvG update, and continuing through the fall, we are planning to refine existing content and balance.

Q : Are you adding a new battleground?
A : We are planning to develop a new battleground after the large-scale GvG update.

Q : What do you think about a battleground matching system that matches regardless of rating? Also, currently battlegrounds are difficult for new users to get into. Do you have any measures to address this?
A : It wasn’t that rating was not considered for the matching, but the rating range for the matching was expanded. Champions’ Skyring was developed for experienced PvP players, rather than new users. Because of that, it did not have many users, and caused difficulties with matching, so the rating range was expanded to help with the problem. In the long term, we are planning to adjust balancing with the large-scale GvG, along with PvP balancing for small-scale PvP, and try our best to re-energize and improve battlegrounds.

Q : Corsairs’ Stronghold provides Noctenium Infusions. Why is Gridiron not doing the same?
A : Champions’ Skyring was developed to be pure character PvP. However, since the original plan may no longer fit the current situation, we will consider providing Noctenium Infusions for Champions’ Skyring also.

Q : There are many dungeons for level 65 that are not used all that often. Are there any plans to fix that?
A : In order to enjoy variety of dungeons, we are implementing “additional reward for the day of the week” features, and by changing reward structures and so on, we expect to solve a big part of the problem.

Q : Alliance territory’s guards and siege weapons are useless. Are there any plans to improve them?
A : Alliance was launched as a large-scale PvP content, but it doesn’t appear to be settling down. We are actually planning to remove Alliance. In its absence, we intend to focus on managing the upcoming large-scale GvG as a replacement large-scale PvP.

Q : When are you going to fix the problem of the ninja’s Smoke Bomb skill effect not applying?
A : We will fix it once the problem’s been confirmed by internal testing.

Q : When are you going to fix the problem of Corsairs’ Stronghold, where shooting the siege weapon at outer gate causes skills to be unusable?
A : We are working to confirm Corsairs’ Stronghold’s problems, with a focus on identifying the root cause of these issues.

Q : There is a problem with the priest’s Energy Stars effect not applying if the party member character uses evasion skills.
A : We are currently discussing how to solve this problem. We will try to implement the fix when we adjust healer balance.

Q : Two warriors (in a party) can currently share Edge. Is there a fix in the works for this?
A : We are aware of the problem and we are planning to fix it. Also, the Edge system will be overhauled when we revamp the warrior class.

Q : Do you have plans for client optimization?
A : The client optimization appears to have degraded due to ongoing content additions. We are aware of the situation, and are working to improve it on an ongoing basis.

Premium Items
Q : What’s the reason for selecting a number when opening the RNG boxes?
A : We are reviewing the policy about opening the RNG box without selecting numbers. If there are no problems with the policy, we will review and correct it, since we also feel that the current process is inconvenient.

Q : Is there any plan to make the sale price of bind items and non-bind items different?
A : We have not considered adjusting prices based on whether they’re bind or non-bind, but we will try to sell in a way that satisfies the player using the item.

DPS Meter Program
Q : It’s my understanding that causing disruptions by using DPS meter can result in sanctions. This results in using the meter only when you’re by yourself. I think it will be better to just offer an official DPS meter program. Do you have any plans for that?
A : We understand the desire for a DPS meter. However, party play is very important in TERA, so we are very sensitive to any negative impact DPS meters can cause. We are planning to make improvements to ease the party hurdle (that is, players having to go through an interview process to join a party). We are also considering adding an official DPS meter, but we are currently still reviewing it due to the negative impact it could have on gameplay.

Q : The masterworking rate is too low. I’d like to see you hold events that increase the masterwork rate. Also some premium RNG boxes appear to have different drop rates. Are you adjusting them separately?
A : We will look into improving the masterwork success rate event. As for the premium RNG boxes: Boxes have different number of items that can possibly drop, so that might make it appear that some drop rates are better (or worse). We do not separately adjust those rates currently.

Q : Awakening enchanting has a high entry barrier for casual users. I think the progression from Slaughter set to Imperator set needs to be improved. Also, there are huge disparities between classes, which makes it difficult for some classes to enter Hard dungeons. I think rather than adding new skills, the existing skills should be adjusted to balance the disparities.
A : Awakening is a content designed to challenge the high-tier users. We think the base problem is the progression from Slaughter to Imperator, so this will be improved in the future updates. We haven’t finalized them yet, so we can’t give you the details quite yet. Finally, we will continually monitor and improve the balance issue.

Q : There are differences in skill motions between races. Are you going to fix that? Also, when are you going to make a new class for popori?
A : The original design was that each race had different animations, even when they are same class, to show off their racial characteristics. We no longer believe that’s something that’s strictly necessary. However, because of the difficulties in changing all the different animations, we will first focus on fixing the animations that have contributed to players’ choice of races. We understand the opinions about new popori class or male classes, but more players prefer female class, so we release more female classes. (And this might be the best time to admit that the next new class is also a female class.)

Q : How can players go about making suggestions?
A : Officially, we take them through Nexon TERA homepage. Also, most of developers take note of community trends, such as with TERA Inven and the various community sites. (By the way: When making suggestions via TERA Inven, please use the “complaints” page.)

Q : There are differences between classes for the effectiveness of Noctenium Infusions. Can that be improved? Also, I think it will be nice to toggle on and off the Noctenium Infusions for each skill. How about implementing something like that?
A : There are no such plans currently. However, we think it’s a good idea, so we will consider that for future updates.

Q : One of the concerns new and returning users have is learning efficient skill rotations. I think it will be nice to provide skill rotations based on user data.
A : We did think about using player data to inform skill rotation changes, but postponed it due to low overall effectiveness. We think the best way is for the players to learn the rotations from actual play, so we are planning to improve it with that in mind.

Q : I think the penalty for the use of Outlaw is too big. I’d like it if you can remove the Outlaw condition, or create an open-world PK area.
A : We added the large-scale GvG to address this issue. Additionally, we are planning to enable open-world GvG. But we will also consider removing the Outlaw skill.

Q : Achievements are same for all classes, but some are a lot more difficult for certain classes to achieve. Is there any chance that this disparity could be improved?
A : We will try to improve this issue.


  • Is the Super BAM Raids different from Castle of Lilith and Ruin of Rakelith? Fan translations made it sound like those new dungeons are synonymous with Super BAM Raids
  • Sorcs can now land meteors (∩⌐■ᴥ■)⊃━☆゚.*
  • Fepsi wrote: »



    That's Bigger twin Brother.
  • SvafnirSvafnir ✭✭✭
    As a main sorc I'm kind of excited to see there's plans to bring it back to glass cannon status... but I am confused about the mention of BoC providing new skill effects... if any of you know, could you clarify if that means it's now going to be more like Overchannel and make skills stronger rather than increasing attack speed or is it going to do both?. I'm excited about it but at the same time afraid it's going to make my potato finally melt... they look too flashy... and I already have some issues with Brawler/Gunner/Ninja flashy skill effects.

    Like he so kindly put it.
    Xandervb wrote: »
    Before revamp: "Help, I'm not accepted for runs because I ruin party dps"
    After revamp: "Help, I'm not accepted for runs because I ruin party fps"
  • Tera's beauty is what attracted me in the first place. I stayed for the combat style. These dungeons, if those pictures are indicative of in-game content and are not just "artist conceptions," are glorious. I look forward to it.
  • JBGamingJBGaming ✭✭✭
    This is good
  • Midwich wrote: »
    Tera's beauty is what attracted me in the first place. I stayed for the combat style. These dungeons, if those pictures are indicative of in-game content and are not just "artist conceptions," are glorious. I look forward to it.

    Unfortunately I will never see how the dungeons in Tera can look nice, because I have to enable "Low performance mode" in order to get anything above 15 FPS. Has Blue Hole Studios ever once optimized this game since it was released?
  • Time to dust off my Sorcerer <3 I'm hoping that meteor is a new Fireblast animation; either way I'm excited to see my favorite class getting some new looks and buffs~
  • Midwich wrote: »
    Tera's beauty is what attracted me in the first place. I stayed for the combat style. These dungeons, if those pictures are indicative of in-game content and are not just "artist conceptions," are glorious. I look forward to it.

    Unfortunately I will never see how the dungeons in Tera can look nice, because I have to enable "Low performance mode" in order to get anything above 15 FPS. Has Blue Hole Studios ever once optimized this game since it was released?


    Otherwise I'm super pumped.
  • Can't wait for the 30-man raid. I just like to play this game on 0.5 fps and 800ms...
  • just give me baldera
  • XaeraXaera ✭✭✭
    Is Velika not going to be a normal town anymore? :cry:
  • Idi0ticGeniusIdi0ticGenius ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited June 2016
    Official post hype! Now I can Rest In Peace.

    [b][i] proceeds to go to bed early [/i][/b]

    EDIT: looks like forum on mobile doesnt like bbcode
  • FelhammerFelhammer ✭✭✭
    Ktera will receive this first it comes with a 6% nerf to ninja dmg overall.

    Better brace yourselves PvE heroes because GvGs gonna be brutal. I really hope that during testing they've spotted and removed any possible exploitation.

    Hopefully this puts PvP back on the playing field. People gonna have to actually fight instead of afking in Velika or spawns.

    My other concern is this extensive class balancing. Word is all classes now get a super move similar to BV or divine wrath. Hopefully BHS don't mess this up.

    Note: No more shared edge or Veliks mark GG
  • FelhammerFelhammer ✭✭✭
    To address someone's question. GvGs will be a fight to control velika. Winning guild claims all taxes (bring out the mighty gold wallets)
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